We recently applied Llumar CTX ceramic window tint to this customer’s 2018 Maserati Quattroporte, and the results speak for themselves in terms of aesthetics: the gorgeous white car is made all the more stylish thanks to the dark shade of Llumar CTX window tint the driver chose for the Maserati. As for how this window tint will benefit the Quattroporte beyond aesthetics, that merits a bit more discussion.

If you have have ever read a Llumar CTX review, you probably know that this window tint comes in several different shades, offering you the ability to customize the look of your car, truck, or SUV with your preferred window tint style. And any decent Llumar CTX window tint review will also have mentioned the fact that it protects you car from solar damage and reduces interior heat. But did you know this window tint blocks fully 99% of the sun’s UV light? And that it can reject a majority of the sun’s warming IR rays, too? Llumar CTX even cuts out just a bit of the sun’s visible light spectrum, reducing the harsh glare that can make driving unpleasant and even unsafe during daylight hours.

2018 Maserati Quattroporte CTX Window Tint
Llumar CTX Ceramic Window Tint

Llumar CTX Price

Llumar CTX window tint is a premium window film product, but it is priced fairly and will fit the budget of most vehicle owners. A four dour sedan window tint price using Llumar CTX film will usually cost several hundred dollars, but won’t tip into the four-figure region except in very specific, highly customized projects. And when considering the price of Llumar CTX window tint installation, don’t forget to think about the money it wills save you over time. By reducing the need for AC usage thanks to better heat rejection, this window tint reduces fuel consumption. And by preventing interior cabin damage, it helps your car maintain its resale value over time and will lessen the need for repaired or replaced upholstery or console components.

Llumar CTX vs Pinnacle

Both Llumar CTX and Llumar Pinnacle window films are great automotive tinting products, and Window Tint Z is proud to work with both films. The issue is not whether Llumar CTX vs. Llumar Pinnacle tint is inherently better, it’s simply a question of which works better for your car. Llumar Pinnacle tint is usually the more expensive option, but with the price of Llumar Pinnacle window tint comes superior scratch protection. As for solar rejection, added privacy, and zero signal interfere, both CTX and Pinnacle window tints are ideal choices.

2018 Maserati Quattroporte CTX Window Tint
2018 Maserati Quattroporte Window Tint

Llumar CTX vs 3M Crystalline Tint

By now the benefits of Llumar CTX Series window films are probably quite clear, but it’s often worth contrasting window tint options from different brands. A good comparison we often make is Llumar CTX vs. 3M Crystalline window tint for cars. Both products reject 99% of the sun’s UV light and block out more than half of the hot infrared light, too. Both reduce glare and enhance privacy, and both can improve the looks of your car. So what is the best window tint for a car? The decision will probably come down to a matter of aesthetics, not performance: choose the one you like the look of the most. We’ll be happy to help lend an expert eye!