If you own a car or just recently became an owner of a brand-new house, you might consider getting window tint. It is basically an essential protective cover for your car and home windows. Window tint is the process of applying a film sheet onto a clear window to create a dimmer shade. This guide will help you choose and find cheap but top-of-the-line window tint in Longwood.

Before we get to the guide, let us first make note of a few points regarding window tint. This will be divided into three sections: knowing the most suitable type of window tint, looking for recommendations, and scouting for sales and discounts.

Know Exactly What Kind of Window Tint You Need

Before anything else, you need to have a clear and specific purpose for what kind of window tint you are going to purchase. First off, let us review the different kinds of window tint films and see what works best for your needs.

There are five common types of window tint film you can choose from, depending on function and preference. These can range from affordably low prices to those that are costlier. However, we are going to focus on the ones that fit your budget.

  1. Dyed Window Tint Film

This window tint film is the most economical of all types; it is the least expensive but less functional. The dye on the film works in several ways:

  • It helps block sun’s rays.
  • It absorbs heat.
  • It’s a great option if you’re looking for dark-tinted films.
  • It provides better privacy.
  • It permits visibility from the inside.

The downside of this type is the lifespan of the dye. It fades through time, and it does not offer the same heat reduction capabilities as the others.

  1. Metallized Window Tint Film

This film is quite similar to dye tint, except that it is made of small metallic particles that can filter out heat. The particles are almost invisible which endow a distinctively shiny effect to your windows. Some notable advantages of metallized window tint film are:

  • They are shatter-resistant.
  • They provide effective glare reduction.
  • They block UV rays effectively.
  • They enhance the strength of the windows.
  1. Hybrid Window Tint Film

A combination of dye and metallic film, hybrid window tint surprisingly offers the same advantages of both types. Some of those advantages are:

  • Negative aspect reduction.
  • They are neither too dark nor too reflective.
  • It is a good option for privacy purposes.
  1. Carbon Window Tint Film

This type of window tint offers carbon contents that can block up to 40% of radiation from the inside. It keeps your upholstery from absorbing too much heat which causes deterioration. It also gives off a matte finish that gives your car an aesthetic appeal no one can resist. Here are some strong points for this type:

  • It helps conserve air-conditioning energy.
  • It does not fade over time.
  • It does not interfere with cellular signals or radio transmissions the way metallic tints do.
  1. Ceramic Window Tint Film

Ceramic window tints are the most expensive window tint films; but they also provide the highest quality. Ceramic window tint films are made of ceramic particles that are both nonconductive and nonmetallic. They offer a variety of functions such as:

  • They cut 45% to 50% of heat that enters the windows.
  • They offer maximum visibility both in daylight and night time.
  • They allow efficient transmission of radio, mobile networks and GPS-based devices.
  • They are resistant to fading and glare.
  • They are highly shatter-proof.

First, determine what type of window you have. This way, it’s easier to look for a window tint film that suits your needs.

Ask for Referrals and Recommendations from Previous Users

The easiest and most reliable method to use if your prospect service shops of window tint in Longwood are legitimately good is to ask someone who has experienced the shop’s services first-hand. Their views about the service and the materials will give you an indicator of whether to proceed or not. Ask them the following questions:

  • Is the service and product worth the price?
  • Would you recommend their service?
  • In case of wear out or damage, would you seek their service again?
  • Are you satisfied with how the process went?

In the end, satisfaction is what matters. Buying a car or house is a decision that needs to be taken a hard look at, and so is getting window tint. When you’re done asking for referrals, here are some reminders and guidelines you have to check before taking the leap.

  1. Know what types of window tint films are available in the market. First, try benchmarking to know which ones you want to get.
  2. It is very important to prepare your car before getting it tinted. Have the windows cleaned before installation.
  3. Check how many windows you are willing to spend on tinting. Not all windows have to be covered in film. This will also help you determine your budget.
  4. Visualize the level of darkness you want. Each state has different rules in window tinting. There can only be a certain percentage level of darkness you can opt for. There are also a variety of colors you can choose from: red window tint, white window tint, green window tint, and limo window tint, to name a few.
  5. Test the longevity of tint film. Certain window tint films are only designed for short term periods while some can last for several years. If the film is no longer firmly attached, there are shops in Longwood that offer removal services if you ever find yourself asking, “Where can I find window tint removal near me?”
  6. Estimate how long the installation will take. Some may take just a few hours to install; others can sometimes take a day or two.
  7. Ask how long you should keep your windows rolled up. People get too excited about new things so they may forget that tint films need to dry up and stick for quite some time.
  8. Know the how-to’s of taking care and maintaining the quality of your window tint. Use ammonia-free cleaner when washing your film-coated windows.
  9. Make sure you are approaching the right people. Allow a professional to handle the installation. You do not want to waste money on less-than-stellar quality window tint.
  10. Consider buying window tint films with UV reflecting window tints. This will bounce off 99% of UV rays from the windows and help ensure you won’t get sunburnt.

Check the Market for Discounts and Window Tint Promos

It’s unwise to settle for less and compromise the quality you deserve for the cheapest price. But if you can score a budget-friendly but super high-quality window tint in Longwood then you may have just hit the jackpot! There are shops that give wholesale window tint discounts.

Some also offer discounts to first-timers and offer promo sales to long-time clients. Some websites have package deals which include discount coupons and window tint for sale promos! You can also look up “auto window tinting near me” and “vehicle window tinting near me” if you’re in Longwood. Chances are, you’ll be redirected to shops that boast sale items and services!


Wisely choosing the best window tint for your car or house is important in assuring you get the best quality product or service in the market. If you can get the same kind of window tint in Longwood for a cheaper rate installed by a shop with the same great reviews, the better. Take advantage of your GPS location and try to search “car window tinting prices near me” to scout shops in Longwood. If you’re ready to get your windows tinted, always remember the 3 steps:

  • Know exactly what you need.
  • Ask for recommendations.
  • Check for discounts or promos.

After all, getting excellent quality without compromising your budget is what you should be going after, all the time.