San Diego

The area is among the sunniest cities in America so the concept of the 3M 1080 Film Wrap Series in San Diego County is not far-fetched at all. Add to the fact that San Diego County contains the world’s busiest land border crossing; you can assume not every visitor whether just for a few hours or long-term hasn’t secured insurance. These are among many reasons why San Diego County vehicle owners should consider a car wrap film – also known as paint protection films or color change vinyl wraps. These modern, technologically advanced films protect an auto’s body and paint from dangers presented all the time.

Add an Invisible Protective Layer to Your Vehicle’s Body

From Oceanside to Chula Vista, Escondido to La Mesa, the diverse mix of cities all can benefit from the 3M 1080 Film Wrap Series in San Diego County to protect vehicles from unwanted (and unforeseen) damages. Wind-blown sand, small road pebbles, construction debris, parts off other vehicles, leaked oil, bugs – all are perilous to our vehicles’ body and paint.

The multitude of major freeways through the county are needed as most vehicle owners must commute for a living, and while the average commute time for San Diego County workers is below state average (24.4 minutes compared with the California average of 27 minutes one-way) you have to drive a lot to get around in this sprawling county.

Millions of San Diego County Vehicles Need Protection

Auto body-protection films in the 3M 1080 Film Wrap Series in San Diego County also make sense because of the sheer number of vehicles. The California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) reports that at the end of 2016, San Diego County has the second-most registered vehicles among the state’s counties, with its 2.96 million trailing only Los Angeles County’s 8 million-plus and just ahead of Orange County’s 2.9 million.

These 3 adjacent counties are far ahead of any of the other 55 counties none of which surpass 2 million vehicles. All those cars speeding down freeways and highways kick up a lot of junk that can ruin your vehicle paint job.

The Sun: We Love the Tans, Hate the Damages

Then there’s all the sunshine to argue for the 3M 1080 Film Wrap Series in San Diego County. San Diego ranks 8th among major cities in terms of the percent of sunshine between sunrise and sunset, at 68 percent. The city logs an average of 146 clear days annually, so the sun and all its energy are a constant threat to humans, animals, properties and vehicles. Modern car wrap films like those made by 3M and Avery Dennison reject almost all of the harmful ultraviolet rays (UV rays, or UV light) and a great portion of warming infra-red rays (IR rays or IR light). These sun spectrum lights fade, discolor or otherwise dull vehicle paint jobs over time and car wrap films help fight back.

Customize or Personalize Your Vehicle with a Quality Car Wrap Film

Situated in the very southern part of California, San Diego County is adjacent to extreme desert climates and gets a lot of sunshine every year, strengthening the case for protective car wrap films for San Diego roadways. Sun aside, quality films like those in the 3M 1080 Film Wrap Series provide a multitude of options for colors, finishes and textures so you can customize and otherwise personalize your vehicle’s exterior appearance. And car wrap films are typically less expensive than full re-paint jobs, and are faster to install. Call us today for more information about options for the 3M 1080 Film Wrap Series in San Diego County or nearby communities like San Clemente or Irvine.