3M™ Automotive Window Film Obsidian Series

This summer, there is a brand new window film line on the market, and it's a potential industry disruptor. Formally called the 3M Automotive Window Films Obsidian Series, this tint isn't going to shake things up in the car window tint marketplace because of its radically innovative or unique features, but rather because it is a value-priced option that's of high quality and that boasts many admirable traits.

Here's what you need to know about 3M Obsidian window tint.

Obsidian window tint comes in eight different tint levels, which span from total privacy and 44% TSER (total solar energy rejection) with the darkest OB 5 tint all the way to a tint that scarcely changes the appearance of the vehicle yet still blocks 23% of solar energy with the  lightest OB 80 tint option. The darkest tint almost eliminates solar glare, blocking 91% of it, while the lightest option blocks 12% of the glare, still making driving on bright days safer and more pleasant.

By blocking such a notable amount of the sun's infrared light, the invisible but hottest part of the sunlight spectrum, Obsidian tints can keep the interior of your vehicle much cooler. That means more comfort for the driver and passengers and also less use of the AC system, which in turn reduces fuel consumption and saves money. A cooler cabin can also help protect objects left in the car, such as phones, computers, medicines, and more.

And as the darker shades of Obsidian window tint create excellent privacy, the interior of any car treated with this window film will be safer against the unwanted eyes of strangers and even against the probing eyes of would-be thieves.

All eight shades of 3M Obsidian window tint provide 99% ultraviolet light rejection, so with this tint on the windows of your vehicle, you can count on a cabin that's protected against fading and cracking and you can count on skin protection that's rated up to an astounding SPF 1000 with the darkest OB 5 variety. (Remember that car window tint is rated based on the amount of visible light transmitted, or VLT, so the smaller the number, the darker the window tinting.)

3M Obsidian tint is a dye based and metal free window film, so it will not interfere with signal clarity. It has no impact on the function of your radio, phone, GPS system, Bluetooth devices, or any other gadgets or technology. But unlike many inferior dye based window tints, Obsidian films were designed never to fade or discolor. In fact, 3M puts to much stock in its patented Infuse Technology that they warranty the window film against fading, discoloring, cracking, or bubbling for as long as you own your tinted vehicle.

One important thing to note about 3M Obsidian window tint and about most types of window film for cars in general is that it's not going to look its best on the day of installation — in fact, it might looks its worst! Window films like 3M Obsidian are often hazy in appearance following their application, but this is totally normal. The haze is caused by moisture occurring during the install process, and in a matter of days (or in some cases a couple of weeks) that moisture will dry completely and will leave the window tint looking crisp and sharp. Just make sure not to roll the windows down until this drying has occurred, and don't wash windows with new window tint for about a month after the application to ensure the bonding has been complete.

Thereafter, you need to avoid using harsh abrasives or stiff brushes on the window tint, but aside from that you can treat a car tinted with 3M Obsidian window film just like any other vehicle.

Benefits of 3M Obsidian Window Tint

There’s a new tint in town, and it’s big news for a number of reasons. Perhaps the biggest news is the relatively small price tag of the brand new 3M Automotive Window Film Obsidian Series window tint. If you were looking for the perfect car window tint to upgrade the performance, appearance, and privacy and security of your car without downgrading the status of your bank account, 3M Obsidian window tint might be your best choice.

Is it a cheap window tint? No, it’s not. But if value is the intersection a good price for a good product, it’s certainly a value option worth your consideration. Here are a few reasons why.

Heat Rejection

Obsidian Series window films come in eight different tint levels, the darkest of which, OB 5, offers an excellent 44% TSER, or total solar energy rejection. (And in fact even the lightest tint in the Obsidian Series, OB 80, offers 23% TSER.) That much solar energy rejection means a dramatic reduction in interior cabin heat even on hot, sunny days. Obsidian window tint can save you money by reducing the amount of fuel and battery you consume running the AC on hot days. And you know how awful it is to climb into a superheated car during those warmest summer months? With Obsidian tint on the windows, the cabin will stay much cooler even if your car is parked in the sun for hours.

UV Blocking

3M’s new Obsidian Series window tint is yet another in the legacy brand’s long line of window films that offer an astonishing 99% of the sun’s UV light. By rejecting so much ultraviolet light, Obsidian tint for cars can prevent the fading and cracking of upholstery and dashboards, greatly improving a vehicle’s value retention, not to mention preserving the aesthetics. And as passengers in a car coated with Obsidian tint get the benefit of a sun protection factor (better known as SPF) of up to 1000 with the OB 5 tint, they will be protected against skin damage, too.


Some people might like reduced cabin temperatures and UV fading issues but don’t want (or can’t legally have) a super dark tint on the windows. For them, OB 80, which allows for 78% visible light transfer and only adds a bit of perceptible tinting to the glass, is the perfect choice. Other people might want the windows effectively blacked out, offering total privacy for the vehicle’s occupants and increased security by obscuring valuables found in the car. And in between those two extremes, OB 15, OB 25, OB 30, OB 35, OB 40, and OB 50 all offer different levels of shading and privacy, and each offers a slightly different level of TSER.


Obsidian window tint can keep you safer by increasing your privacy and security to be sure, but it can also help to make you a better driver. By dramatically curtailing the sun’s glare, this window tint makes it easier to see the road ahead and lessens the fatigue caused by eye strain. And even at night, it can cut the harsh glare of bright headlights, helping you at all hours of the day. And by bonding a layer of durable film media to the window glass, Obsidian tint also improves your safety by reducing the chance for pieces of glass to detach from the panes in the unfortunate event of an accident.

Signal Interference Free

Because 3M Automotive Window Film Obsidian Series window tints are metal-free, they are guaranteed not to interfere with the signal clarity of your car’s radio, your cellphone calls, your GPS satellite hardware, or any other signals. Obsidian tint gets its shading from color-stable dyes that are applied using a proprietary Infuse Technology, which ensures durability, fade resistance, and color retention. In fact, the company guarantees the window tint will remain in good condition for as long as you own a vehicle with Obsidian tint applied by one of their accredited installers.

With 3M Obsidian Series window tints, you get plenty of choice and plenty of performance without plenty of cost. So those are the reasons we’re sold on the stuff. Are you ready to have your ride tinted?

3M Obsidian Window Tint May Be New Now, But It’s Built to Last

In case you hadn’t heard, there’s a brand new car window tint line on the market, and it’s making waves for myriad reasons. But one of the most exciting things about the new 3M Obsidian window film has nothing to do with its appearance or performance, but everything to do with its value and durability.

To give you a sense of the confidence 3M has in their new window tint, get a load of the warranty the company offers along with it. When you have Obsidian window tint applied by a 3M authorized automotive window film dealer (like us, to name one good example), the window tint is backed by a lifetime warranty against defects.

The 3M warranty guarantees that Obsidian window tint will never lose its solar reflective and rejection properties and will not crack or experience crazing. (Crazing refers to the intricate web of fine lines and cracks inferior window tints sometimes experience; you can also see crazing on glazed pottery or old oil paintings, for reference. It damages both the appearance and the efficacy of window tint.) They guarantee their Obsidian tints will never bubble or blister and will not delaminate and separate from your car’s windows. And perhaps most reassuring of all, the company assures Obsidian window tint customers that their new line of window films will never discolor.

As Obsidian window film is a dye based tint, this guarantee against discoloring is important. A cheaper window film that takes on that awful purple haze can diminish the overall appearance of an entire vehicle, whereas quality window tint that maintains a uniform appearance can enhance the aesthetics of a car, truck, or SUV.

3M Obsidian window tint is created using a patented technique the company calls Infuse Technology. The dyes are powerfully bonded to the film media and can reject discoloring and fading even after years of daily exposure to the sun. This quality is thanks to the years and years the team at 3M has dedicated to producing high quality window tints for cars. The company secured its first patent for a solar control window tint way back in 1966, and in the intervening half century, they have arrived at the forefront of automotive window tint innovation. And note that said innovation doesn’t come with a high price tag in this case: 3M’s Obsidian Series tints are surprisingly affordable, given their quality and durability.

In fact, if you applied Obsidian window tint to your car’s windows in the first year or so that you owned the vehicle, the window film would almost assuredly pay for itself over time. By reducing interior heat on hot, sunny days, of course Obsidian tint keeps you cooler and more comfortable. In the process, it can greatly curtail the need for using the air conditioning, which saves you money buy reducing fuel and battery usage and by reducing the strain put on the AC system. Every drop of gasoline or watt of electricity saved is money back in your pocket. When you choose 3M Obsidian OB 5, the darkest tint in the series with a 44% TSER (total solar energy rejection) rating, the interior of your car will stay markedly cooler, meaning much less need for AC. And even the lightest tint in the lineup, OB 80, can block 23% of the sun’s heat.

Next, consider how well Obsidian window tint rejects ultraviolet rays. It blocks out more than 99% of this harmful light no matter which tint level you choose. By blocking UV light, Obsidian tint reduces the interior fading and cracking that can greatly downgrade a vehicle’s resale value (or that might lead you to spend money simply to restore a car you intend to keep), so by preventing this damage the window tint literally saves you money.

And finally, as Obsidian tints can greatly enhance the privacy and security of a vehicle, the window film just might prevent a break-in that could see you lose valued personal objects. Thieves are much less likely to try to break into a car the interior of which they cannot see.

But what people will be able to see once your car, truck, or SUV is sporting brand new Obsidian window tint is a more handsome, stylish automobile, and with looks that will last looking just as good many years into the future.

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