3M™ Fasara™ Glass Finishes

Whether for décor or privacy, this growing portfolio of solutions considers the needs of various spaces while leveraging the latest in global trends.

Commercial 3M Fasara Window Film

3M Fasara commercial window films are some of the most popular window tint products for business, government, and educational facilities thanks to their affordable price, versatility, and durability. The 3M Fasara commercial window tint line is a commercial favorite thanks also to aesthetics. These handsome window tints can improve the appearance of the exterior of any property, from an office complex to a school to a fitness center and beyond.

3M Fasara commercial window tint can be used to offer three major updates to properties both large and small:

Reduced Heat

3M Fasara commercial window tints block a majority of the solar heat that causes interior warming, therefore creating a more comfortable interior while also reducing energy costs. The added insulation 3M Fasara film creates can also maintain warmer interior temperatures in the winter.

Enhanced Privacy

3M Fasara commercial window tint blocks the view through windows and glass doors, rendering the interior of your business more private and better protected against the unwanted gaze of passersby outside.

Reduced Glare

3M Fasara commercial window tinting reduces the harsh glare of direct sunlight, making it easier to see screens or hold conversations, but without diminishing the amount of pleasant light that fills a property in any perceptible way.

In terms of aesthetic improvement, Fasara commercial window film can greatly enhance the appearance of windows, glass doors, and glass walls at a fraction of the cost of replacing the actual glass and hardware. Fasara tints can be used to recreate the look of stained, etched, sandblasted, or textured glass. These window films are available in a wide array of colors and shades and come in varying pattern and opacity options as well.

In short, a commercial location can easily, affordably, and quickly change and enhance the function and appearance of its exterior using 3M Fasara commercial window film.

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