Vinyl sidings are exterior sidings made mostly of PVC (polyvinyl chloride). They are used to decorate and protect your homes. These vinyl sidings usually act as weatherproofing for your homes.

To keep your homes beautiful and well-protected, you need to make sure that your vinyl sidings are protected themselves. Vinyl siding melting is a major problem for homeowners.

Here are some ways that can help you address your vinyl siding melting issues and prevent distortion:

1. Protect Vinyl Sidings from Solar Reflections

A major cause of melted vinyl sidings are solar reflections that may come from your next-door neighbor’s energy efficient windows. The concentrated heat can then cause vinyl distortion.

You can block the path of these solar reflections by putting up fences, shrubs or trees. Nearby windows should also have windows films to prevent them from melting vinyl in your home.

2. Protect Vinyl Sidings from Other Heat Sources

The melting point of vinyl is relatively low. Therefore, you must make sure that heat sources are kept away from your vinyl sidings. Examples of these heat sources are barbecue grills and stoves.

3. Keep Combustible Materials Away

Aside from keeping away heat sources, combustible materials should also be stored away from vinyl sidings. Trash, dry leaves, mulch and other materials that can easily catch on fire can also cause vinyl siding melting.

4. Applying Protectant to Vinyl Sidings

Vinyl siding lifespan will often depend on the quality of the siding and various environmental factors. To find out exactly how long does vinyl siding last, ask your supplier or installer.

Aside from the extreme heat, extremely low temperatures and the rain can also damage and shorten the lifespan of your vinyl sidings. You can protect your vinyl siding and prevent vinyl siding melting by applying liquid protectant.

Liquid protectants are different from paints because the former creates a clear vinyl coating on different surfaces. This seals them off from the harsh elements.

5. Keep Your Vinyl Sidings Clean

Keeping your vinyl sidings clean ensures that they look good. It also removes any elements that can damage them. You can use manufacturer approved cleaners and water. There is no need to use power cleaners or washers on your vinyl siding.

6. Other Ways to Keep Off Solar Reflection

The major cause of vinyl siding melting is the high-temperature reflections that come from windows. Placing a full screen and covering low windows with awnings are some alternatives to windows films. You can even recommend this to your neighbors who need them.

Keep your house protected. Make sure to protect your vinyl sidings and stop vinyl siding melting.