Just as there are many reasons for you get a window tint in Longwood, Florida, there can also be several reasons why you would think that it is time to remove your car window tint film. The reasons can range from regular wear and tear to damage such as peeling, bubbles, or scratches.

If you are wondering how to remove window tint, you should know that the process is easier than installing it. Here are some steps to get the job done without getting the services of a mobile window tinting company.

  1. Using a Steamer to Remove Window Tint in Longwood, Florida

It can be quite tempting just to peel off the damaged tint, but doing so can leave a sticky residue. You can try this method instead, to save you a lot of time.

  • Prepare the fabric or clothing steamer.

If you do not want to buy your own steamer, you can rent one. Make sure to fill it with an adequate amount of water. Then, turn it on.

  • Start steaming the corner of your car windows.

Position the steamer near the corner of your front window tint. Just keep doing this until you can see the tint film starting to loosen up.

  • Peel the window tint off.

Once you get enough space to hold the tint film, peel it off slowly. Doing this quickly can result to ripping the tint, and this means that you will need to spend more time on the job.

You can continue to direct the steamer to the window as you peel the tint. Make sure that you do not get hurt by the steam.

  • Remove the residual goo.

You can use any adhesive remover to clean your windows fully. Wipe it with a paper or microfiber towels to complete the task.

  1. Using a Hairdryer to Remove Different Window Tint Types

Without a fabric steamer, you can improvise and use your trustworthy hairdryer to soften the tint’s adhesive. You won’t need to bust out an elaborate window tint kit for this method, for sure!

  1. Start heating the window tint.

Position the hair dryer approximately two inches from one corner of your car window and start heating the tint. Do this with care because a hairdryer produces hotter air than a steamer.

Continue with this step until you see the film loosening up.

  • Peel the tint.

You can start peeling the tint using a razor blade or your finger. It is best if you continue heating the film while doing the peeling.

  • Remove the adhesive.

If the glue cannot be removed easily with a towel, you can try reheating it with the hairdryer before wiping it off.

  • Do a final clean of your window.

Use a paper or microfiber towels and a glass cleaner solution to finally clean your windows.

  1. Using Soap and Scraping the Tint Film on Your Car Windows

If you only want to remove small areas of your precut window tint, this simple method is effective. Remember to do this only for small areas as it can be tiring.

  • Lift the corner of your window tint using a knife or a razor blade.
  • Start peeling as soon as you can grasp the tint.
  • Use a soapy mixture to remove the adhesive residue. Spray the mixture on the window.
  • Clean the window with paper towels and glass cleaner.

If you want to remove large areas of tint film using the same materials, you can also do the following steps:

  • Remove a small part of the tint. With care, cut a small section of the window tint using a knife or a razor blade. Do this slowly to avoid scratching the glass. If you can already get a grip, peel the cut section slowly.
  • Spray the soapy mixture to the part where the window tint was cut and scrape off the adhesive. Spraying the window with the soapy mixture helps in loosening the adhesive. Make sure not to scratch the glass.
  • Repeat the same steps for other parts of your car window.
  • Clean your window with paper towels and window cleaner.
  1. Using Ammonia with the Help of the Sun to Peel the Tint Off

If ammonia is your enemy when maintaining your ceramic window tint, it can also be your friend when you want to remove your tint.

  • Do the initial preparation.

Get black garbage bags that are large enough to cover the interior and exterior parts of your car window. Also, prepare a mixture of soap and water. You can put this in a spray bottle.

Make sure to cover your backseat and the inside of your car with a tarp. Position your car under the heat of the sun.

  • Cover your windows with plastic.

Spray the exterior window with the soapy mixture and completely cover the window with the garbage bag. Inside, spray the window with ammonia. Cover this side with the garbage bag, too.

  • Let the sun do its part.

For about an hour, leave the plastic on the windows to let the ammonia loosen the glue.

  • Remove the tint.

After an hour, try to lift a corner of the tint and peel it off.

  • Clean the window and let it dry.

You can use more ammonia to remove residual adhesive. Then, do a final cleaning using paper towels.

  1. Using Old Newspapers to Remove Car Window Tint Film

If you have old newspapers lying around, you can use them to remove your window tint.

  • Create a mixture of soap and water, and apply it to your windows.

Make sure that the mixture is very soapy and apply it to the window generously.

  • Cover your windows with newspapers.

Let the newspapers sit for at least an hour. You would also need to spray more soapy water if the newspapers begin to dry.

  • Remove the tint.

You can now use a knife or a razor blade to peel off the newspaper and the tint. You can repeat the steps as needed.

  1. Getting the Services of Mobile Window Tinting Companies

If your car tint is still covered by warranty, then it might be best to let your tinting company remove the tint for you.

If you are unsure about whether you can remove your car tint yourself, you may also get the services of a professional. With the rising car window tinting prices, it is understandable for you to have second thoughts about hiring an expert, but sometimes, this is the way that can save you the hassle. A simple search of “window tint near me” on your search engine usually does the trick.