Like many Americans born at any time during the past sixty or seventy years (or eighty or ninety, really, but much beyond that… probably not so much… ), I have always had an affinity for the Ford Mustang. My affection for this classic make of car was stirred up largely by a high school friend’s 1969 Mustang that remained largely in its original condition, and by an uncle’s gloriously restored 1968 Shelby GT.

Mustangs are not the fastest cars on the road, and many model years were not exactly the greatest-looking (1990s, we’re talking about you), but taken as a whole, these cars have tended to look pretty damn good over the last half century or so that they’ve been out there on the roads.

Mustangs come across as muscular without looking overwrought, and as powerful but not overly aggressive. They’re not sleek, but they’re smooth, if that makes sense. Poised might be a better word. This is also probably a good place to mention price: Mustangs have always been in the price range of most consumers, which is yet another major plus. In fact, a brand new 2017 Ford Mustang can be yours for less than $26,000, if you’re willing to go pretty basic on the options. (That’s just three grand more than a Honda Accord, yet with a whole lot more horsepower.)

It’s hard to beat the Mustang in the affordable car marketplace, really. They look good, drive well, and hold their value, too, if well cared-for. And with the cash you save buying a Mustang instead of, say, a Corvette, you can add some aftermarket upgrades that will make that Ford stand out from the pack.

If there’s one thing many Ford Mustang owners make great use of, its color wrap. With color wrap Ford Mustangs make the jump from pretty cool to pretty damned awesome and unforgettable. Don’t believe me? Well, let’s use some visual aides.

First, here are a few pictures of late model Mustangs that still have their basic coats of paint. We’ll start with the classic sports car color of red…

Then have a look at a lovely blue Ford…

And finally check out this silver 2017 Mustang.

All good looking vehicles, right? But once one of these had driven past you, you would probably forget about it rather quickly.

Now take a look at a Ford Mustang color wrap job using matte purple vinyl wrap. Even if you don’t love the look of this car, you can’t well deny that you’ll forget seeing it any time soon.

This Mustang has custom color change wrap applied, and it makes the car look amazing. You would never know that this was actually a 2005 model year vehicle; with great color wrap, a car can take on an almost timeless look.

This Ford Mustang GT is in perfect condition, but at first glance it appears weathered and rusted. That’s thanks to a truly unique custom vinyl wrap job, not due to the elements or a wreck. Because the car underneath the wrap has such handsome lines and is in such good shape, ironically this wrap makes the ride look better, not worse.

And then finally we have a Ford Mustang with an American flag color wrap motif. That’s right, this here car went full-on America. And it’s as awesome as it is ridiculous.