Cars come in different exterior colors and designs. Generic colors for vehicles are usually red, white, blue, black, and gray. And with thousands of cars out there, it is impossible for your car not to have a twin in your country or state.

Since the invention of the automobile and its development throughout the years, cars and other types of vehicles as well have been a vital part of our daily lives.

Some vehicle owners even put sentimental value on their cars by giving it a name. With this sentimental value to vehicles, people would want them to stand out and be different from the rest.

Suppose today is the day you bought your first car. The dealer hands you the keys and gives you a handshake. Finally, this white Hyundai Tucson is yours. For the first few years, you’ll find your white Tucson as the most beautiful car ever even if there are hundreds of Tucsons out there.

But as you get attached to the car, you want your car to be your own. You want your car to have a statement. You want your vehicle to possess a unique trait. Then, you consider customization. You want your car to be a vehicle that stands out. You want it to be the car that only belongs to you.

But you are given two choices: car wraps or paint job. Which should you choose as a car owner? Which is better?

Below are seven reasons why you should choose car wraps to give your car its statement and style.

1. Faster Installation Time Compared to a Regular Paint Job          

Paint jobs are a popular option you can choose when customizing your car. But having a custom paint job means that you’d be patronizing public transportation for two to three weeks, depending on the complexity of your paint job order.

Car decals, however, have an installation period of only three to five days. Experts will wrap your car with vinyl that is customized according to your requests.

2. Car Wraps Keep Original Factory Paint Intact

If you think that vehicle wraps destroy the original factory paint of your car, you believed a myth that is entirely ludicrous. Car wraps actually protect your original car paint from natural hazards such as bad weather and accidental scratching.

Before your original car paint gets scratched, the car decal will be the first line of defense. Just try to remember that the it acts as a “protective skin.”And if you desire your car to be resold sometime in the future, you can still sell it at a competitive price. Remember, a vinyl covering protected the exteriors of your car.

3. Cheaper Costs Compared to Custom Paint Jobs

High-quality paint jobs usually cost around $3,000 to $10,000 above. That’s a large sum of money. Paint jobs require labor and a lot of materials depending on the design you want.

But, car wraps in Longwood, FL may cost at a range of $2,500 to $5,000 above. Now that’s a significant cost difference. Vinyl wraps may differ in prices depending on the quality of the material used. However, high-quality vinyl wraps can cost around $100 depending on the area of wrap needed for your car.

Still, you could see the cost difference between custom car wraps versus custom paint jobs.

4. Flexibility of Custom Ideas Is Never a Problem     

One thing that makes car wraps a wise choice for your car is its flexibility in design choices and custom-made requests. Though you might think your car looks too big for car wraps, you need not worry almost all vehicles can be car wrapped.

Service providers can also provide different choices for car wraps. Would you like a jet black vinyl with a matte finish? Or you’d like it black but shiny? Using custom vinyl wraps doesn’t leave you at tight choices. You can still achieve the look and style you want.

5. Car Wraps Are Long-Lasting and Can Be Removed Safely           

Aside from protecting your car from natural hazards, vinyl wraps will not be a problem in the long run.

Car vinyl coverings can last for about five to seven years. Of course, along the way, it will become worn out and faded. And probably, it might be time for a vinyl wrap replacement.

Fret not. It might be long-lasting, but car wraps can be removed safely without damaging your car’s original factory paint.

6. Car Wraps Can Have Complex Designs That Paint Jobs Can’t Handle     

Perhaps you want a computer-generated design for your car. This is a job that manual paint jobs cannot accomplish. Custom vinyl wraps can accommodate a wide range of designs. Whether the design is complicated or not, you can still achieve the look that you desire.

Special car graphics cannot be easily achieved in paint jobs, especially if it requires intricate and sophisticated designs. But if someone can do your design, artists will most probably ask for an expensive labor fee.

Moreover, you can choose from a variety of cool car wraps available. Your imagination is the limit.

7. Maintaining Car Wraps Are Easier Than Car Paint

Car paints need some maintaining to keep that shiny or matte finish. It would require washing and waxing. But if you’re tired of waxing every time you need to make your car look dashing, maybe it’s time to consider vinyl car coverings.

Vinyl wraps only need some soap and water for cleaning. After washing, you need not apply something to make it look brand new. It’s easy to maintain, and it does not demand much of your time.

Private car owners are starting to see the importance of vehicle wraps and how it protects their car while still making it look fabulous. If you’re a car owner in Longwood, FL, take into consideration service providers of car wraps in Longwood, FL. Talk to these experts to know what’s best for your vehicle. But if you’re convinced that you need a vinyl wrap now, then get up and go to the nearest car shop in Longwood, FL.