More than one car enthusiast has stated the best car tint film is Huper Optik. Why is that? Well, considering seven key benefits of putting window tint film on your car, let’s match how Huper Optik window tints fare. The seven key benefits of automotive window tinting:

  • Protection. Most window tints block almost all harmful ultraviolet rays (UV rays), as well as a good portion of infra-red rays (IR rays).
  • Cooling. Window films reduce interior heat, up to 60 percent.
  • Savings. Window tints protect interior upholstery from fading or otherwise failing, saving car owners money and protecting the long-term value of vehicles.
  • Discretion. Window tint films increase privacy; and in the process deter would-be crimes (car burglaries).
  • Clarity. Window tints reduce glare.
  • Safety. Window films hold shattered glass in place in accidents or cases of mischief, boosting safety.
  • Aesthetics. Window tints just make cars look better.

Huper Optik Window Tint Films and Protection

To respond to the “best car tint film is Huper Optik” assertion, probably begin with a top attraction to applying window tint film to a car. That is, protection. Instead of relying on so-called industry experts, why not see what real-life users say? This Lexus fan site page includes a survey, which has Huper Optik at a nearly 2-1 ratio over a competitor. Many of the comments tell the story. “It does exactly what it advertises – minimizes radiant heating from the outside,” noted one commenter. Said another, “Great heat blockage in the Houston summer.” Finally, “If I could redo my tint, Huper Optik gets my vote.”

It Can All be about Feeling (and Looking) Cool

What about cooling, and making your car look cooler, regarding the “best car tint film is Huper Optik” statement? A Maserati Ghibli forum commenter posted, “Huper Optik Ceramic 70% for the windshield due to clarity, UV and heat reduction. This one was highly recommended and has a proven track record.” A comment on the above-mentioned Lexus forum stated, “Got mine done 7 months ago with Huper Optik and turned out the most beautiful tint that I ever got.” And this from someone who appears to be very familiar with auto window tinting. A comment on a Tesla forum: “I’ve had the Huper Optik tint on three prior cars, and absolutely LOVED its heat resistance.”

Can You Save by Applying Window Tint Film?

What about savings, and boosting privacy, when deciding whether or not the best car tint film is Huper Optik? “Saves me from the hot leather and running the A/C so much… not sure what the payback time on fuel savings is, but just avoiding a super hot car is really nice.” Noted a general window tinting blog, “… Huper Optik Series which are arguably the best non reflective films.” Regarding privacy, all dark-shaded window tints provide plenty of that. But you also should consider durability, and Huper Optik films are known to last so you save money long-term by avoiding a re-do.

Insights into Glare Reduction and Safety

It may be difficult to find public comments about glare-reduction or safety for Huper Optik window films. Regarding glare-reduction, Huper Optik offers a very wide range of films to choose from, with some providing extraordinary glare reduction. Noteworthy would be the Huper Optik Select Series window films by Huper Optik, with glare-reduction levels approaching 65 percent. “Huper Optik spectrally tuned ceramic films offer superb heat rejection properties without compromising visibility,” writes one window tint expert out of Texas here.

Huper Optik Window Tint: Onward and Upward

Huper Optik window tint films have attracted a considerable following over the years, and the Germany-founded company with American operations based in Houston is not done. The company explores and engages technological advances, like nano-technology, into its products yearly. Especially noteworthy is the durability of the Huper Optik films. “One of those cars was sold but I still get to see it around sometimes, and the tint is still in good shape seven years after I tinted it,” posted the Tesla enthusiast. While it’s nearly impossible to determine which exactly is the best window tint manufacturer out there, Huper Optik stakes a pretty strong claim.