While it is true that a car wrap in Longwood can protect your vehicle from common road hazards, its benefits are not limited to this. In fact, car owners today are more concerned with the aesthetics of their cars and how they can turn their vehicles into a projection of their personality. In a research by FESPA last year, they conducted a thorough investigation and gathered some of the best car wraps and graphics work of the year. Who would have thought that a simple vinyl sticker for cars can be the object of creativity and innovation?

For those business owners who participate in mobile advertising, car wrapping has become the outlet for the marketing department and graphic designers. If you search the keywords “vinyl wrap car near me,” you would notice that car wrapping is involved in various areas and fields including motor-racing cars to jumbo jet planes.

FESPA looks back at some of the highlights in the car wrapping industry. You will be surprised to learn that some people across the globe take car wrapping design seriously.

Burnie Burns Transforms Tesla into a Cartoon Version

Designer Burnie Burns & Graphics Guys channeled their creativity into transforming his Tesla P90D into a cartoon version with the assistance of a specially designed vehicle wrap. Burnie Burns is the founder of the US television production company – and what better way to broadcast to the world his passion for television than to turn his car into a real-world vehicle cartoon. With the help of Graphics Guys, he was able to give his Tesla the cartoon treatment it deserves.

Jeroen Vermeulen Showcases His Artwork to the Public

Jeroen Vermeulen, a Canadian artist, decided to have a cost-effective approach to showcasing his artworks to the public. He came up with an inventive way of doing this, and that is through the use of a car wrap in Longwood. With the help of a fashion photographer named Lilian Tan, Jeroen was able to transfer his abstract paintings into car wrapping materials. Lilian took photos of Jeroen’s paintings and had them be conveyed into the wrapping film used to cover Jeroen’s S450 Mercedes.

Using Vinyl Stickers for Car to Support Gender Equality

If you find yourself running low on ideas on how to support your favorite community, or simply broadcast your ideals and beliefs to the world, why not do it through a car wrap in Longwood. From the Australian Supercars series, The Brad Jones Racing Holden showed its support to the LGBTQ community through a rainbow-inspired design as a car wrap.

With the colorful designs of this 3M car wrap, the LGBTQ community could not be happier with the support they received. The car wrap features a primary branding from The Brad Jones Racing Holden following its sponsorship from The Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Grass.

Pretty in Pink with Vehicle and Motorcycle Wraps

Who says that pink is only for women? With the help of Brand Installers and the generous donation of Avery Dennison, the Ohio sheriff is seen riding an all-pink police car around town.  Stark County Sheriff’s Office in Ohio, USA used a chrome car wrap as a means to raise awareness about breast cancer. It was Avery Dennison who donated Satin Nero and Bubblegum Pink Supreme Wrapping Films for the project, while Brand Installers carried it out.

The car wrap features a pink ribbon symbolizing the fight against breast cancer. Furthermore, the car wrap includes a message that says “Look on the bright side, you are helping raise breast cancer awareness.”

An Acquired Taste: Spaghetti-Themed Vehicle Wrap

What better way to design your brand new Lexus than with a spaghetti-themed car wrap? Even with a high vinyl wrap car cost, Maurizio Cattelan and Pierpaolo Ferrari took the initiative of experimenting with various camo vinyl wrap designs. It was truly confusing for the public as they first laid eyes on the spaghetti-themed BMW I3. A Swiss collector spent almost 100,000 Euros to make all of this a possibility. The unusual design on the electric car was for an art partnership known as the “Toiletpaper,” wherein funds raised will be donated to the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation.

A Striking Black Vinyl Wrap to Add to the Mystery

A car wrap in Longwood is usually installed to improve the aesthetics of the car. For others, it is meant to add mystery to the car. When rumors about the new XE SV Project 8 were out, it got people thinking as to why the brand new car has a wrap. It was for the purpose of building the excitement of the public by hiding the vehicle’s real features. The Telegraph reported that the car wrap was to hide the exact appearance of the vehicle so as not to reveal too much during its initial outing.

Brighton Pride LGBTQ Event with a Truck Vinyl Wrap

Another supporter of the LGBTQ community managed to surprise the public during the Brighton Pride LGBTQ Event. The designer of the car wrap was West Sussex Fire and Rescue Services, and the installation was done by MotoFX. During the event, the fire department wrapped one of its fire trucks with colorful designs as a means to take part in the awareness of LGBTQ rights.

Car Wrap with Logos of Louis Vuitton and Supreme

Those who are not tight on a budget will end up going all out in wrapping their vehicles. If you are a 15-year-old who has everything, you may want to take a few notes on how Emirati Rashed Belhasa spends his money.

As the son of a billionaire businessman Saif Ahmed Belhasa and fashion designer and socialite, Sarah Belhasa, Emirati Rashed opted to wrap his Ferrari F12 Berlinetta Supercar with logos of Supreme and Louis Vuitton. The work was carried out by FoliX.

Indeed, this article was aimed at trying to change your perception and traditional thinking of what a car wrap in Longwood could do. Hopefully, this article was able to inspire you to put your creative thinking hats to work as you start your initial draft for your car wrapping design.