An online news item earlier in 2017 provides insight why the 3M 1080 Wrap Film Series for Los Angeles motorists is among the best option you will find, and probably will for the foreseeable future. The fact that it’s a 3M product says volumes as the company is more than a century old and has success producing such a wide range of popular products that it can boggle the mind. Consumers can visit websites or find information elsewhere, but sometimes a tiny news nugget can speak volumes about why a company’s product seems to be succeeding beyond expectations.

Assisting Installers Helps Customers and Car Owners, Too

The news item (from the GSG Insider blog) announced what at first glance would seem a very small item for a company as big as 3M. Under the headline, “3M 1080 Wrap Film Design Upgrade,” the article is about the liner for the product – basically the paper that only car wrap installers see before the actual film is applied to cars. The change? Add an arrow next to the product emblem – just to let installers know the proper way the film should be aligned during installations. The item was reported as a news item yet it wasn’t really about the car wrap film or its performance, it was about a minor change to make it easier to install correctly.

Company Deserves Kudos for Expending the Energy

Not to disparage that element: installation is a huge part of the success or failure of window films, paint protection films and color change vinyl wraps in Los Angeles and the entire Southern California region. However, the fact that 3M made the change, and then made the effort to spread the word to the people responsible for putting the product on clients’ property, speaks volumes. This attention to even the smallest of details one of many things that make the 3M 1080 Wrap Film Series for Los Angeles motorists stand out.

Summary of Why 3M 1080 Car Wrap Film Options are Best for L.A. Drivers

Why are the 3M 1080 Car Wrap Film options for Los Angeles motorists so attractive? In the most simplistic way to summarize:

  • 3M 1080 films are designed for easy installation on cars, vans, trucks, trailers and watercraft. The 3M 1080 will fit well and perform as expected, to protect your car’s paint and body.
  • The films are available in a great range of colors, shades and finishes for a multitude of options for your car.
  • Performance by all 3M films is always exceptional.
  • The 1080 Series films are durable and you have peace of mind that they will last.
  • Cost savings: the 3M 1080 Series films really protect your car’s paint and body from scratches, minor dings, stains and the sun’s rays so you don’t have to invest in paint touch-ups or full re-paints.

3M Keeps Eye on Consumer – and those who Deliver to Them

The news item called it a “design update,” but in reality it did nothing to change the product customers actually get. Yes, the 1080 Series films as an entity were changed slightly. So why even bother to spend the resources needed to make a news item of it? Because 3M has been around since 1902 and understands how to keep happy not only its customers, but also those responsible for delivering those products to the consumer.

Whether it’s making a change to help installers easily know “which side is up,” 3M has been aggressive in its foray into the car wrap world, and the 1080 Series wrap films are now firmly established as among the very top echelon of film options available. We highly recommend films from the series, as well as paint protection films from Avery Dennison, because we only work with the highest-quality films and we have found through our experience that these are the top two when it comes to wrapping your car. Call us today for more information about the 3M 1080 Wrap Film Series or other options to protect and beautify your vehicle.

1080 Series Information from 3M

From 3M: More 1080 Series Wrap Film Information

This page from a Texas-based sign company outlines colors and other details for the 3M wrap film products.

Note to consumers: it’s best to not be tempted by the prices for rolls of car wrap films by themselves. The experience and training of installation technicians is at least half the battle toward long-term adherence and a clean appearance. It is not advised to attempt installing paint protection film (PPF) on your car without professional assistance.