What’s the best affordable property improvement idea for a Woodland Hills home? It’s not new paint, refinished floors, or a more landscaping, it’s simply window tint.

Window tinting offers many benefits for Woodland Hills residences (and places of business), and is an investment that pays for itself over time: window film can reduce your property’s energy costs so much that the savings will soon cover the costs of your window film installation. The insulation added by window film further helps reduce your HVAC expenses, allowing single paned windows to work like energy efficient double paned models.

Energy efficiency window fi;m can reduce a Woodland Hills home’s electric bills by blocking a large percent of the infrared solar energy that warms indoor spaces. Once your home (or office or retail space or medical practice) becomes too hot inside, you have to use the air conditioning and/or fans to cool it, sending utility costs up. With solar blocking window film, your windows let in the visible light but reject most of the warming infrared light, keeping the rooms cooler and requiring reduced use of electricity to do so.

If you’re interested in window film for UV light blocking, you’ll be pleased to know that the same window tinting that blocks IR light blocks as much as 99% of this harmful sunshine as well. UV light is responsible for more than painful sunburns alone: it can cause faded wooden floors, bleached carpets, and discolored upholstery and curtains. Protect your Woodland Hills home’s interior with anti-UV window film.

And know that even dark or mirror-finished one way privacy window film won’t diminish the view out from your property. Top quality window film lets you see through the windows so well that you’ll hardly know the tint installation was ever undertaken. But just try to look into your Woodland Hills home from the outside, and the view will be fully obscured. Window film also has the bonus of glare reduction: while window tint lets in plenty of visible sunlight, it does cut down on the harsh glare that makes you squint while you are trying to see the TV or computer screen.

Window tinting is one of the best, most affordable residential (or commercial) improvement projects around: it lowers your electric bills, and it even lowers the carbon footprint of the property by cutting down on the amount of electricity consumed.

Window film also makes the home safer: security window tint can prevent breaking and entering burglaries and home invasions leading to assaults. Security window tint prevents glass panes from shattering into pieces, protecting your property and the people you care about inside it.