Eagle Rock is one of the fastest growing neighborhoods in Los Angeles. The region has tens of thousands of residents and gets bigger annually. If you were to ask an Eagle Rock resident to name something they love about their area, after mentioning the dining, shops, and proximity to other great areas of LA, the weather would be the answer often enough. However, ask Eagle Rock residents how they like the temperature in the middle of the summer and you will hear much less enthusiasm for the area.

To beat the warmth in the sunny summertime in Eagle Rock, don’t close the drapes and crank up the air conditioning, just use residential window tint and block out a majority of the solar heat responsible for interior warming. Window film blocks most of the sun’s hot infrared sunlight that makes a residence too warm for comfort and that leads to larger electric bills during the hot summer months in California.

For the average property in Eagle Rock, a window tinting installation will pay for itself over time (and many times over, in fact, over the years) – you will see your power bill drop as your AC units and fans simply run less often thanks to reduced heat gain.

But a reduced electric bill is only one benefit of window film. You can also choose a window tint that will block the view into your Eagle Rock home or business, increasing your privacy and enhancing your security. As severe wind and even earthquakes tend to threaten Eagle Rock from time to time, you’ll be relieved to know that durable residential window films can prevent glass panes from shattering even when the window is struck by an object sent flying by high winds or as a property is shaken violently. Security window film also helps prevent break-in and theft attempts.

And if you’re looking for an affordable way to get some enhanced curb appeal for your home in Eagle Rock, window tinting offers you numerous decorative options, from frosted windows to patterns metallic finishes to colors. And contrary to popular perception, the view from inside a property with window tint won’t be diminished and might even be improved. You can see through windows treated with tinting clearly and will even enjoy reduced eye strain and a better view thanks to the reduced glare; it’s the eyes trying to look in who will see nothing but dark, handsome looking windows.