Manhattan Beach is known for great schools, plentiful dining and retail locations, its truly lovely homes, and for its clean, popular beaches. Residences in Manhattan Beach, CA tend to be rather expensive compared to homes rates in the rest of the state, but Manhattan Beach residents know that their residences will only go up in worth as years pass, as Los Angeles is an ever more popular place to live, especially by the beach.

If you own a residence or manage a property in Manhattan Beach, CA window film is an important option to consider for the properties in your charge. Once you learn how many benefits window tint offers, and how low its cost can be, you might even consider it a must-have enhancement.

1 – Window film makes a Manhattan Beach home more affordable to maintain.

By rejecting much of the infrared heat that causes interiors to warm up when sunlight passes through glass windows, window tint keeps a property cool and leads to less use of AC that causes the electric bill to rise. Window tint also adds more insulation to windowpanes, keeping your Manhattan Beach property cooler when it’s hot and warmer when you are using the furnace.

2 – Window film makes your Manhattan Beach home safer.

There are approximately 35,000 people who permanently live in Manhattan Beach, CA but some 3.8 million people visit the area annually. That means that at any given time lots of strangers around. Security window film prevents the glass windows of your Manhattan Beach property from shattering when a criminal strikes the panes with a crowbar or rock. The windows might crack, but they won’t fall apart into pieces, and that can prevent unlawful entry into the home.

3 – Window tint reduces the sun’s glare.

Window tinting will not reduce the amount of visible sunlight that fills your Manhattan Beach home, but it will curtail the harshness of the glare caused by sunshine pouring into a home. That reduced glare means you will see screens more clearly and will be able to enjoy daily activities like reading or chatting without squinting less eye strain and with more comfort.

4 – Window tint prevents fading.

By blocking out as much as 99% of the UV light that causes sun fading to a property, window tint protects your home and all your possessions against damage. UV sunlight can cause faded floors (wood flooring, rugs, laminate), faded drapes, bedding, and upholstery, and washed out, damaged artwork and photos. Blocking the YV light with window film means protecting everything in your Manhattan Beach residence.