The Chrysler 300 is the essence of American automating. It’s a car that’s both bold but elegant, big and brash but not without refinement. It’s a testament to the Motor City years of Detroit’s past as well as to America’s reinvigorated car production and culture. And in the case of this 2018 Chrysler 300 in Orlando, it’s a vehicle that’s going to be looking great for years to come, both inside and out, thanks to the worker the team recently completed.

We applied Ceramic Pro on the body of the vehicle and nano-ceramic window tint to the windows, so the car is now better than ever protected against all sorts of cosmetic damage, and that’s true both inside the cabin and on the exterior.

Paint correction helps refresh a car’s looks.

The Ceramic Pro Difference

This 2018 Chrysler 300 was looking pretty fine when it rolled into our Orlando car tint shop, but its exterior wasn’t looking perfect. So we did a detailed paint correction and restored the car’s body to like new conditions, then we applied the Ceramic Pro Silver Package and locked in those looks with a ceramic coating of 9H rated hardness. That will prevent scratches, water marks, and sun fading. The window tint we applied will stop sun fading and solar heat inside the car.