The Ceramic Series by Vista Window Film applies modern technology to provide an advanced, ultra-protective and long-lasting film on the windows of your home or commercial building. Vista Window Film offers four options for Ceramic window films, all neutral in color and distinguished only by numbers: the Ceramic 35, 45, 55 and 65. The numbers appear to correlate to each film’s visible light transmittance (VLT), of 36, 49, 57 and 66 percent respectively – compared with 90 percent for regular, non-filmed glass windows. The VLT is a key indicator of performance for window films, and according to the Ceramic films’ numbers, they work quite well.

Ceramic Window Films Protect without Spoiling Visuals

It’s not just the VLT data that raises Ceramic window films to the top-performing level in the Vista Window Film collection of window films. The ceramic films for homes or commercial buildings are known to provide quite a protection punch while hardly changing the exterior appearance of structures. That is, they are all neutral in color and are low-reflectivity, limiting glare. As with their car counterparts, the films for structures actually improve the view from the inside to the outside, especially at night when glare and reflections can spoil views. During the day, the ceramic window films reject more than 99 percent of ultraviolet rays (UV rays) to reduce heat and avoid fading.

The Ceramic Series Films Last Long and Don’t Fade

Speaking of fading, another area where the Ceramic window films excel is in longevity. They are resistant to corrosion, and are known not to discolor over time like some inferior window films. The anti-corrosion element makes the Ceramic window films ideal for application on structures along the coast, where sea air and salt deposits can shorten the lifespan of many films. If you live in a region with troublesome environmental or weather patterns, such as high-wind areas with lots of dust, or special circumstances like too many foggy days, these might be the right window films for you.

More Data on the Ceramic Series Window Films by Vista Window Film

Window film performance data indicates the Ceramic window films excel in a number of areas. Consider the following:

  • Clear glass has a Total Solar Transmittance – how much solar power is allowed through – of 83 percent. The Ceramic films offer a TST ranging from 26 to 56 percent. Even with the ceramic window film that allows the most through –
    the Ceramic 65 SR PS (Neutral) at 56 percent – the improvement is dramatic.
  • Regular, unimproved glass rejects just 14 percent of Total Solar Energy. The Ceramic films block from 33 to 55 percent of the same solar power.
  • Clear glass absorbs 9 percent of total solar energy. The Ceramic films take in from 35 to 62 percent of this energy.

The Ceramic Window Films Provide Extreme Protection

The Ceramic window films by Vista Window Film engage modern technology, namely the science of incorporating particles of ceramic into films to help combat heat much like ceramic bowls survive extreme temperatures. Imagine that protection on the glass windows of your home, office building or storefront. The Ceramic films are long-lasting and are excellent investments not only in terms of protecting humans and property inside buildings from the sun’s harmful rays, but also because of the films’ longevity. These are films you apply and don’t worry about for years. To further explore and discuss the virtues of the Ceramic Series window films, please contact a Vista Window Film representative today!