As the name implies, the Atmosphere Exterior Series by Vista Window Film is designed specifically for the outsides of windows, specifically to bounce back the power of the sun. Known as Atmosphere series films, they are applied to the exterior face of a window’s glazing, and provide exceptional heat-rejection performance. This series provides the most selection of all the window film products offered by Vista Window Film. In all there are 9 high-quality window films to choose from, each distinguished only by alpha-numeric numbers. Here’s a look at them.

Total Solar Energy Totally Rejected with Atmosphere Exterior Window Films

Because rejecting heat is the thrust of the Atmosphere Exterior Series window films, let’s take a look at the Total Solar Energy Rejected numbers in the window film performance data by Vista Window Film. Clear glass, unimproved with any type of window film, will reject just 14 percent of total solar energy from entering structures whether homes or commercial buildings. Add the top-performing Atmosphere VXA14 ER HPR and the number is 83 percent. Three of the 9 Atmosphere Exterior window films reject 70 percent or more of total solar energy. These window films are clearly enemies of the sun’s powerful rays.

Save by Reducing Energy Consumption with Atmosphere Exterior Films

People go with window films for a variety of reasons, from protecting humans and interior property from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays, to simply cooling interiors, to improving the exterior appearance of structures. The Atmosphere Exterior window films are focused on one thing: rejecting heat. By doing so, and doing it well, the Atmosphere Exterior window films in turn save energy by limiting the need to run air conditioning units. The window films also can keep workers happier and therefore more productive. In all, the Atmosphere Exterior window films are a wise investment long-term, and the return on investment should be short-term.

Glare Reduction and Other Benefits

Benefits from application of the Atmosphere Exterior window films are numerous. Most of the window films in this series significantly reduce glare. The Atmosphere VXA14 ER HPR, for instance, reduces 89 percent of glare (compared with zero glare reduction from ordinary glass). In terms of visible light transmittance (VLT) – a key indicator of the overall performance of window films – the Atmosphere RXA20 ER HPR lets in just 16 percent, compared with 90 percent for clear glass. Again, there is more selection with the Atmosphere Exterior window films than any other line by Vista Window Film, so it’s wise to speak with a Window Tintz expert to decide which is best for your property.

Knock Down the Heat with Atmosphere Exterior Window Films

The Atmosphere Exterior Series by Vista Window Film provides window films with a specific purpose. While other associated benefits come with the films, depending on the line selected, the thrust is to reject heat away from the insides of structures whether homes or business buildings. Some of the Atmosphere Exterior films provide better glare reduction than others in the series; while others are better at blocking visible light or solar energy. It’s advisable to speak with a Window Tintz professional to make the best decision toward knocking heat away from your structure and keeping the insides ultra cool.