An Audi RAS 5 is many things, including powerful, fast, handsome, and reliable. One thing this car is not is cheap. So we were glad to recently add window tint to the windows and windshield of this Audi in our Orlando window tint shop. The few hundred dollars this customer spent on window tint for an Audi this week ensures an interior that will be protected from cracking and fading for years to come, helping preserve the value of the vehicle.

Custom Window Tint for Cars in Orlando

No automotive window tint job we complete at our Orlando car tint shop is ever the same. Even if another Audi RS 5 rolled in looking for window film today, there is no way the car would get the exact same tint as the RS 5 we just finished servicing. That’s because the various types of window tint available offer nearly endless ways to customize your vehicle. You can choose the level of privacy you prefer, the total solar energy rejection (TSER) you want, the shade of the tint, the base material — metallic, nano ceramic, etc. — and many other factors.

Window tint for an Audi RS 5 installed at our Orlando shop.

The Many Benefits of Car Tint In Orlando, FL

In order to understand how important it is to get car window tint in Orlando, Florida, you first have to understand that your car probably doesn’t have good enough window film even if it came from the dealership with sone tinting. The base tint manufacturer’s use does not block enough UV light to stop all interior damage nor does it block enough IR light to prevent interior warming.

With top quality window film applied by our technicians, you can be assured of 99% of the damaging UV light being blocked and enough hot IR light rejected to curtail the need for AC use and, in turn a fuel savings and more efficient engine operation. You can also count on the best looks for your ride.