The owner of this Audi RS 5 wanted a window tint that would complement the look of his car without changing it too much, but was still interested in all the benefits of window tinting a car. In Orlando, that means reduced heat by blocked IR light and reduced fading and discoloring by rejected UV light. We worked with the owner and finally selected Stratos brand window tint with a 15% tint, meaning it blocks much of the sun’s light but still doesn’t have that blacked out look of limo tint.

Window tint blocks glare and makes driving safer.

Reduced Glare and Interior Heat with Window Tint in Orlando

Window film for cars in Orlando can make driving a safer and more pleasant experience. By blocking much of the sun’s heat, your tinted car will be cooler when you first climb in and will stay cooler as you drive, meaning less need for AC and less fuel consumed. As for safety, in the short term window tint cuts down on the sun’s harsh glare, making it easier to see the road. And in the long term, it reduces the amount of UV light to which your skin will be exposed by 99%, preventing damage that can lead to age spots or even skin cancer.