Recently a Huper Optik dealer outlined his experience working with the Germany-originated company, especially how he’s enjoying the benefits of partnering with a company that helps him as a business owner. Read John Yard’s blog post here. Yard’s window tint installation company, out of Connecticut, switched gears after 27 years in business thanks to Huper Optik and its related Autobahn program. Changing the visuals and marketing components of any small business is not easy, and Yard outlined how he got a little help.

Exclusive Territory Deal Brings Marketing, Other Assistance

In reality Yard is not a Huper Optik dealer (or Huper Optik authorized dealer, like Window Tintz, but he was granted an exclusive territory from Autobahn Performance Films,which provide among other services the high-quality window tint films by Huper Optik. Yard wanted a “fresh look,” and assistance with design and costs. The result was a dramatic change, from a rather low-key, almost old-time marketing position as “Connecticut Window Film and Tinting” to a facility very much modernized – with the Autobahn films a central focus.

Customers Pleased with Changes

Yard said he was most surprised by feedback from his customers, some of which were repeat customers familiar with the operation. The feedback was positive, he said. “My business value has gone up with the exclusive territory offered by Autobahn Performance Films,” he wrote. “Being able to sell a full range of products has increased my profit. With the support of the Autobahn Team, 2017 is my best year in business so far.”

Huper Optik Core Purpose Sets the Stage

Huper Optik window films are known as among the highest-performing, highest quality window tints around. They also are not available retail. The company sells its window films through a network of top, well-vetted dealers who receive in return educational materials about the films, and assistance where needed such as in marketing and graphics. It’s a business model based on partnering with local businesses, to let the locals take advantage of their knowledge of local markets, while still selling plenty of product. Huper Optik stakes its Core Purpose proudly on its website: “To partner with entrepreneurial spirited people for the advancement of our mutual interest, through productive, quality, and competitive joint efforts.”

Plenty of Huper Optik Product Adhered to Region’s Glass

Motorists and property owners alike are ordering plenty of Huper Optik product. The company’s U.S. operations started in 1998, “out of a need to provide an energy saving technology that would protect consumers from harmful UV rays, and provide a green solution for energy savings.” To date, Huper Optik’s patented nanotechnology in its films have been installed in more than 2.5 million square feet of glass in America, Canada, Mexico and South America. In those areas the window films have reduced an estimated 100 million tons to carbon dioxide emissions.

Partnering a New Type of Business Model

Huper Optik also remains firmly committed what it touts as its core values. These values – which include serving with quality, integrity, positive supportive communication and company and personal growth – are evident in their high-quality window tints as well as how their dealers expend time and energy to explain the films and their benefit to American consumers. Yard is one of many who have learned the power of a new type of business model, which engages local businesses in partnership.