A few years ago an online Los Angeles news item reported that the City of Los Angeles approves less than 10 percent of claims from pothole damage. If you own a car with a nice or brand new paint job, it’s probably a good idea to look into paint protection film in Los Angeles or nearby regions like Orange County, Ventura County or the San Gabriel Valley. Because potholes not only mess up tires and wheel alignments – they also contribute to the kicking up of rocks and pebbles that damage passing vehicles. It’s not limited to the City of Los Angeles, either. The state is not quick to pay when your car gets damaged on freeways, either.

When Expert Driving Skills are not Enough

The determination that the City of Los Angeles rarely approves claims related to damage to vehicles from potholes is no surprise – it’s typical for municipalities to reject claims and put the burden on the claimant to force the issue to court. (Los Angeles officials blamed a paper-based system that was too slow to meet a 45-day deadline for decisions). Popped tires and wheel misalignments occur all the time, and sometimes potholes cause car accidents. They also do plenty of damage to the bodies and paint jobs of vehicles in Los Angeles. Aside from being adept and braking and swerving as drivers, there is a way to prevent losses from potholes: quality paint protection film, often referred to simply as PPF.

‘Modern car paint protection films are amazingly protective and durable’

To its credit, the City of Los Angeles tries to repair potholes within two days of being informed of them. It’s great to have a goal, and a strict one like 48 hours, but it’s unfair to expect municipalities to repair all potholes all the time. The sun and water cause cracks in concrete and asphalt, more water exacerbates the problems and the sheer number of wheels pressuring sensitive spots causes failures in the road system. It’s pretty simple to understand how they occur, but it’s no solace for the car owner whose paint job gets dinged on the side from an asphalt chunk kicked up by a front tire. Modern car paint protection films are amazingly protective and durable.

PPF: One-Time Investment that Pays Long-Term Dividends

Quality paint protection films in Los Angeles like those produced by Avery Dennison, LLumar and 3M (especially the 3M 1080 series films) strictly adhere to car paint jobs, without impacting the paint underneath in case they need to be removed. The films can be totally clear, or alter or seriously change the color of a car’s paint, and even decorative elements like matte finishes are available. Adding PPF to a car is a one-time, fairly affordable investment that pays dividends by avoiding paint repair or full new paint jobs on Los Angeles vehicles. Some car owners choose to have entire car paint covered, others opt to protect sensitive areas like the front of the hood or areas behind the tires.

Other Benefits to Automotive Paint Protection Films

Benefits of paint protection film in Los Angeles are not limited to preservation of paint jobs. Though another protective quality is helping to prevent fading over time because quality car wrap films reject the sun’s most harmful rays: ultraviolet light (UV rays) and the heating infra-red light (IR rays). This solar power fades and discolors car paint jobs over time. Paint protection films also are available in a great array of colors, and finishes like metallic, matte or high-gloss. You can dramatically change and improve the exterior appearance of your car with a nice car wrap film.