What are California’s window tinting laws?

Are you interested in getting tinting for your car windows, but keep asking yourself “are tinted windows are legal in California?” You’re not alone. Since California’s window tinting laws were enacted in 1999 drivers in the state have been beholden to a set of strict standards for exactly how dark the tint on their cars can be.

So what kind of tint can you get in the state of California? Regardless of if you’re driving an SUV or a sedan, it all comes down to placement and the VLT, or the Visible Light Transmission, percentage. The Visible Light Transmission is the percentage of light that is allowed through the film on your window.

Different windows on your vehicle are held to different standards. Here’s how they breakdown:

window tint laws california
Window Tint Laws for California

Windshields: Non-reflective tints are allowed on the top 4 inches of your windshield, but no lower.

Front Side Windows: Tints must have at least a 70% VLT, allowing 70% of light into your vehicle

Back Side and Rear Windows: These windows can feature any level of darkness you wish.

If you’re worried about the risks of having a tint we also offer a range of clear films that provide the same great protection as traditional tints without the color. Llumar’s Air Blue 80 is the gold standard for combining optical clarity with powerful UV protection and heat rejection.

With a 78% VLT Llumar’s Air Blue 80 keeps the sun out of your eyes without a noticeable level of tint while simultaneously blocking 99% of the sun’s harmful UVA and UVB rays. This provides the sort of basic daily sun protection recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation, keeping your vision clear and your skin healthy as your drive.

Beyond these important health benefits, the Air Blue 80 provides up to 43% heat rejection for your car thanks to its non-conductive ceramic foundation. California’s sunny skies may lead to beautiful days, but they also warm up your car faster than other climates. Reducing your vehicle’s interior temperature means you’ll need to rely less on the A/C, saving money on gas and helping the environment by burning less fuel.

No matter what your needs — practical, cosmetic, business, health, or a little of everything — Window Tintz will keep you cool and street legal year round.