Car Dealership Window Tinting Services

Windows Tintz offers a wide range of high quality affordable tinting options for your dealership. We can tint every brand, make, or model you sell, from the smallest compact to the largest RV, all without your inventory ever needing to leave the lot.

Automotive tinting cuts down on glare, helps drivers save money, and keeps your interior from cracking or fading. For a major investment like a new car window tinting provides an extra level of security for your purchase.

Why should your customers tint?

Heat and Glare: Tinted windows can dramatically reduce the amount of heat that enters your customer’s car by blocking out the sun’s harmful rays. Less heat in the interior means your car stays cooler longer without needing to turn on the A/C, saving gas and the planet.

Block out UV rays: The Sun may keep us warm but too much can be dangerous. Tint protects drivers from harmful UV light, keeping out the glare and protecting their skin from prolonged exposure to the Sun’s solar rays.

Security: When people think of the security benefits of window tinting they usually start and stop with the increased privacy a tint offers. While darkened windows do keep preying eyes from looking in they offer another protection you may not have considered. Window film can make it harder for your windows to break and helps minimize glass in your car in case of an accident by keeping broken pieces attached to the film.

Esthetics: Tinting simply makes your car look good. Even if your customer is simply seeking the security and health benefits of window film they get the added bonus of a beautiful tint. For used cars a new tint can be the difference between a run of the mill lot filler and someone’s new dream machine.

Whether you’re a dealership looking to improve sales or an individual seller interested in our referral program Window Tintz is ready to help empower you, your customers, and your sales sheets.

Dealership Program

 For established dealerships a partnership with Window Tintz will help you expand your range of services without costly new hires or wasted garage space. Overnight your dealership will be able to offer customers the world’s top window film brands, complete with installation, at competitive prices.

Window Tintz comes directly to your lot or your customer’s home to install their new window film. Customers with standing repair appointments can schedule tinting at the same time as their car is in the shop, saving time and money. To speak with us about what a partnership with Window Tintz could do for your please call (424) 732-9080.

Individual Referrer Program

Whether you work for a dealership or own your own lot, an individual referrer partnership helps your customer receive a quality window tint and puts money in your pocket. When you make a sale refer your client to us either by name or by providing us with their information after your sale. We’ll speak with the client, make the appointment, deal with payment, and provide you a commission at the end of the (month/quarter/etc). We pride ourselves on happy customers. Let our work be a reflection on you as a seller.