DUB IR Automotive Window Tint

DUB IR vehicle window tint is a purpose-built product line with one purpose above all others: to reject solar energy before it enters your vehicle. These advanced window films boast some of the best solar heat and ultraviolet light rejection statistics in the entire automotive industry and represent a wise investment both for the private consumer and for the business or government entity that operates a fleet of vehicles.

DUB IR window film is available in several options of shading that vary in degree of added darkness; you can choose a darker tint for extra privacy or a lighter tint to minimally change the appearance of your vehicle. Regardless of the tint you choose, your vehicle will be gain myriad benefits that go well beyond cosmetics.

The window films in the DUB IR line offer up to 90% infrared sunlight rejection and curtail a portion of visible light spectrum as well, reducing glare and heat. The result is an effective heat rejection rate of more than 68%. That means a cooler cabin that drains less fuel and battery life thanks to reduced AC usage. These window tints also block 99% of the damaging ultraviolet light that fades cabin interiors and can contribute to the development of skin cancer.

DUB IR auto window film also increases the physical strength of the windows, helping them resist scratches and chips and even helping to prevent glass from shattering.

Most vehicle window tints applied in a factory prior to sale do not offer the same benefits as DUB IR window films, so don’t make the mistake of thinking your vehicle already has tint and thus needs no enhancements. You may well have a dye-based tint that adds a bit of privacy and nothing more. DUB IR tints were developed with the backing of science and rigorous testing, and offer superior performance and durability.