Madico Automotive Window Film

Madico automotive window film is a sound investment for any vehicle, from the privately owned family car to cars in the livery motor pool to vehicles operated by police and other government entities. Madico window tint improves the appearance of a car, but more to the point, it enhances the function of the vehicle in terms of safety, operator comfort, and overall longevity.

Madico vehicle window tint blocks much of the sunlight that would pass right through glass windows, but in a spectrally selective manner. That means these tints allow a portion of the visible light to enter the car, making it easy for a driver to see all needed control surfaces and features, but while rejecting enough visible light to reduce the harsh glare of direct sunshine. Madico tints block a large portion of the sun’s infrared light as well, keeping a vehicle cabin cooler and more comfortable and requiring less use of fuel-draining AC systems. Finally, Madico auto window film rejects an impressive 99% of the ultraviolet light that can fade and discolor a dashboard and upholstery and that can increase the likelihood of skin cancer in the driver and passengers.

Madico vehicle window tints are available in multiple different colors and color shades (darkness and saturation, e.g.) thus presenting the consumer with a wide range of options for customizing a car or truck. You can choose from their state of the art extruded film Charcoal line of gray shade tints that reject a large portion of solar energy (UV and IR rays) and are nonmetallic, guaranteed not to fade, and that are subtle in appearance and style, or you can opt for a more bold look with the Madico Onyx window tints, which dramatically darken the windows, providing maximum privacy and heat rejection at the same time.