Hexis Bodyfence Paint Protection Film

Hexis: Use Cutting-Edge Technology to Protect the Paintwork of Your Vehicle

How can you go wrong with a paint protection film that has been around for more than 25 years? Well, Hexis has the distinction of being in the self-adhesive, paint protection film market for over two decades and there is a good reason why you should choose its new BodyFence range of paint protection film.

How Can Hexis Paint Protection Film Protect Your Vehicle?

Road debris, an errant pedestrian or child, UV rays of the sun, the flying bugs and climatic conditions do not love your vehicle as much as you do. When you apply a coat of Hexis paint protection you will be protecting your vehicle optimally from any external aggression. And, if that is not enough, this paint protection film makes it a joy to clean your vehicle as it prevents dirt and grime from sticking to the paint.

Using Hexis paint protection, you will be able to keep your vehicle’s paint scratch-free while maintaining its re-sale value even after depreciation.

Features of Hexis BodyFence Paint Protection Film

Hexis BodyFence paint protection film comes with a range of features that you will find so tempting that it will be hard to resist applying the film on the painted surfaces of your vehicle.

Self-Healing: Hexis paint protection film is self-healing. It reacts with the heat in the environment and on the surface of the vehicle to immediately repair itself in case the film gets scratched. As a result, the film lasts longer and maintains the beauty of the exterior for a longer duration.

Crystal Clear: The film is crystal clear, with no seams or textures. As a result, it does not mar the original look and feel of the paint. Instead, the shine and gloss come through and last for a long time.

Covers Curves and Lines: Whether you want to protect the bumper or fender, Hexis paint protection film is versatile and flexible enough to cover every inch. Hence, that you do not have to worry about exposed parts of paint.

Easy Application: The beauty of Hexis paint protection film is the ease of application. You can install it yourself in the comforts of your garage or driveway.

Anti-Adhesion: You don’t have to worry about dust sticking to the paint protection film. The dust can easily be wiped or washed off without harming or damaging the film.

If that is not enough, Hexis’ BodyFence paint protection film comes with warranty against cracking and yellowing, ensuring you always enjoy maximum protection at all times.