Nano Fusion Paint Protection Film

Nano Fusion Paint Protection Film

If you are looking for cutting-edge technology in your paint protection film, you just cannot go wrong with Nano Fusion Film. Typically, paint protection films come with a laminated topcoat protective layer, followed by the urethane film. This makes it difficult to install the paint protection film as the top layer is stiff while the second layer is flexible. This same reason causes the film to weather poorly, resulting cracks.

However, Nano Fusion Film does away with the topcoat protective layer. Instead, using cutting-edge technology, the urethane film is infused with protection, making it easier to install the film while ensure it does not yellow or crack. This technology ensures the film maintains its gloss for a longer period of time.

Easy Installation

Since there is no stiff uppermost coat, it is easier to work with the Nano Fusion Film. You can easily work it over the curves and dips on the vehicle. It is a more flexible paint protection film that can expand and compress rather easily to ensure a smooth and even finish.

The adhesive uses a solution of 60 percent water and 40 percent water to tack and hold onto the surface of the vehicle. And, the release is even easier. Just make a solution by mixing three drops of baby shampoo in a quart of water and the film elevates, allowing you to reposition it for accurate fit and contour.

You will hardly take an hour to install the Nano Fusion Film on your vehicle, and all you have to use is alcohol solution, soap solution, squeegees, and towels free from lint.

Optimal Paint Protection

The technology used in the manufacture of Nano Fusion Film is so advanced that the manufacturer is offering a lifetime warranty. This warranty gives guarantee that the paint protection free does not have any manufacturing and workmanship defects. It has this unique ability to resist cracking and yellowing compared to similar paint protection films in the market. What more could you ask from your paint protection film.

If you want to maintain the aesthetics of vehicle’s paintwork then you will not think twice about installing Nano Fusion Film. It offers the best paint protection and ensures your vehicle retains its factory finish and gloss for years to come. As a result, you boost its re-sale value. But more than that, you never have to worry about chips, dings and scratches on the exterior painted surface of your vehicle.