PremiumShield Automotive Paint Protection

PremiumShield auto paint protection films protect your vehicle against the many sources of damage that can leave it looking prematurely old and worn. PremiumShield coatings help your vehicle resist scratches caused by foliage or debris, minor dents and dings caused by gravel and road debris, and against the abrasion created by dust and sand that can wear down paint, reduce shine, and damage the looks of your prized car, SUV, or truck.

PremiumShield coatings can be custom cut to fit your vehicle perfectly, bonding seamlessly with every curve and angle of the car or truck and serving only to enhance its appearance — never to detract — even as it protects the permanent paint job below.

PremiumShield automotive coatings were designed with protecting both the integrity and the aesthetics of your car in mind; to do that, these films were created using cutting edge scientific processes and advanced materials. Though PremiumShield auto paint protection film is only 1.6 mil in thickness (that’s less than 0.4 millimeters) and essentially imperceptible to the human eye, it is nonetheless constructed of five layers of bonded materials. The layers include a protective exterior sheet, two layers of extruded urethane, and durable adhesive and polyethylene layers. The result is a material that can endure scratches and scrapes and that won’t allow substances such as fuel, paints, or chemicals to penetrate down to the surface of your vehicle.

When property installed, PremiumShield automotive paint protection films will last for many years, but they are also designed to be removed and replaced as needed, which means your car can always look brand new again even if its PremiumShield exterior coating is worn down or damaged.