SunTek Paint Protection Film

SunTek: A Technology Driven Paint Protection Film

There are paint protection films and then there is SunTek paint protection film. SunTek is a cut above the rest because it offers features and benefits that many paint protection films do not offer. SunTek uses cutting-edge technology to manufacture its paint protection film, making it unique, resilient and durable.

Features and Benefits

SunTek paint protection film is loaded with features that make it one of the best urethane films in the market. Some of the unique features that you will find include:

Optical Clarity: It is completely clear, with not even an iota of yellowing. Hence, it is invisible and does not detract from the original beauty of the painted surface.

Stretchability: This is perhaps the best feature of the SunTek paint protection film. You can stretch it to ensure it fits perfectly around curves and this feature also helps to minimize creases after installation.

Easy Removal and Re-installation: If while installing the paint protection film, you realize that it is not perfectly adhering to the painted surface, you can remove and re-install it without spoiling or damaging the adhesive.

Self-Healing: The SunTek paint protection film is self-healing and even if it gets scratched, the ambient heat makes the scratch disappear.

Minimal Usage of Alcohol for Installation: Unlike so many other paint protection films, SunTek makes use of minimal alcohol to ensure more user-friendly and eco-friendly installation.

High-Gloss Finish: The beauty of SunTek paint protection film lies in its high-gloss finish. It gives your vehicle a shine and polished finish. As a result, it looks factory-finished for a longer period of time.

SunTek paint protection film comes with five years warranty. Installer use TruCutβ„’ technology to precisely cut the film to fit your vehicle. This ensures an accurate fit and installation.

Protection Like Never Before

Now you no longer have to worry about road debris, sand, gravel or bug acid marring your vehicle’s paint. With SunTek paint protection film, your vehicle will enjoy total protection. It will even protect your vehicle from salt that is present in the air in humid locales or when it’s used as a de-icer.

It forms an invisible coat around the painted surfaces of your vehicle and boasts enhanced longevity. This allows you to maintain the exterior factor finish for a longer time and it also impacts the re-sale value of your vehicle. So, go ahead and give SunTek paint protection film a try and you will not be disappointed with its performance.