Vehicle Wraps

When you hear the term vehicle wrap, your first thought might be of a car or SUV converted into a driving billboard, with brand logos, slogans, and other graphics plastered all over the car. And indeed vinyl vehicle wraps can be used to create bright, hard-to-miss advertisements and other designs on cars, trucks, busses, and more. But a great vehicle wrap job can be about much more than advertising, and it need not result in a vehicle emblazoned with bright and garish designs.

In fact, a vehicle wrap is the single best way to fully transform the appearance of a car, whether you want the appearance of a traditional paint job, a unique matte finish exterior, or a stunning metallic, carbon fiber, or textured exterior. Vehicle wrapping is more cost-effective than getting a new paint job, and it offers much more opportunity for a unique design, patterns, and colors, too.

With a custom vehicle wrap, your automobile can be one solid, uniform color, it can be finished with a dramatic camouflage, woodgrain, or other pattern, or it can be made to show off a metallic or fiber appearance. Vinyl is such a versatile wrap material that it can be made to display essentially any color, pattern, or graphics, and it can be applied to vehicles of any size or type.

And unlike a traditional paint job, a vehicle wrap protects your car against scratches, scrapes, and other damage, and can be rather easily removed if you ever want to revert to paint or you want a new look with a new wrap. While durable and resilient, vehicle wraps are not necessarily permanent, so you can always change your style.