People want insulation for the winter and summer months and for that, low-emissivity tint is ideal. They’re an “all-season” film because they block UV and heat on summers, and trap the heat inside during the winters. Other benefits of Low-E films are that they reduce glare and offer a reduction in energy costs. If you want your car or homes with Low-E, know where to get your windows tinted near Santa Monica, CA. That way, you can declare, “I found the best tint near me!”

What’s The Difference?

There’s a proper distinction between Low-E film and glass. The former is more of a tint job while the latter makes use of glass coating. For mobile tint around Santa Monica, CA, you need to know the difference between the two. You can also ask local shops about the two. Make a decision and say: I got the perfect tint near me.

Low-E Films

Low-E films block bad light and heat during summer but trap them for insulation during winter. The tints come in various hues, but they’re often transparent to emit natural light. It’s great for people who want to slab a piece of film on their window rather than redo all windows and panes. Low-E tinting a window around Santa Monica, CA, is pretty standard and affordable.


  • Prevents heat from destroying upholstery and furnishing.
  • Perfect for summer and winter months.
  • It’s inexpensive to buy Low-E films
  • They are removable


  • It does not protect all edges and window panes.

Low-E Glass

Low-E glass is different from Low-E films. The former is used to lessen UV and infrared light entering through the window. It does not reduce light emissions but rather the harmful rays coming in. Low-E glass is quite efficient when protecting your car or home from the solar heat for up to 99.9 percent. If you want to avail of one, then opt for a glass coating with argon gas.


  • It protects homes and vehicles from harmful rays and heat.
  • Offers a natural look and emits organic light in the room.
  • Prevents heat from entering through window panes.
  • It blocks heat during summer and traps them for winter insulation.


  • It’s pricey to buy Low-E glass, and you have to remove all windows to install it.

Which Is Better?

It’s better to assess your needs and budgetary requirements. If you want a home with great heat prevention and insulation, the Low-E glass might be the best option. If you have the money for it, why not? If you don’t want to spend thousands for your new window installation, the film would be applicable. One-way glass film in Santa Monica, CA, is also available is for Low-E installation.

Where Can You Get Window Tint

You can also have your Low-E glass tinted to maintain the quality of your windows. So, where’s the best window tint near me? Many auto shops and brands offer window tint jobs for Low-E.

You can always ask around or search the internet for the best names like Solar Gard window film around Santa Monica, CA.