Santa Clarita
Santa Clarita is one of the largest cities in California – and has its share of roadway woes.

It’s one of the largest cities in Southern California and as such hosts many vehicles to beautify and protect, with Avery Dennison color change vinyl wraps in Santa Clarita Valley. It’s now is mostly a city, the City of Santa Clarita, a conglomeration of what used to be (at least) four distinct neighborhoods: Valencia, Newhall, Saugus and Canyon Country. Voters of the region decided on cityhood in 1987, and those four names became pseudo districts of Santa Clarita proper. It’s a commute-intensive area where vehicles need all the protection they can get.

Big Freeways + More Traffic = Need for Protection in Santa Clarita

At the intersection of the hugely busy Golden State Freeway (5) and Antelope Valley Freeway (14), the Santa Clarita Valley is a place known to most motorists of the greater Los Angeles region. Heading to ski Mammoth Lakes? Out to Kern to ride the river? To the greatly popular Six Flags Magic Mountain? Then most will roll right through Santa Clarita. With so much vehicular and truck traffic coming through, it’s surprising that more are not yet aware of the Avery Dennison color change vinyl wraps in Santa Clarita. Add to that the city’s affluence and you’re talking more cars than usual per capita.

Santa Clarita
Santa Clarita has all kinds of perils on its roads, from sand to small pebbles to … sometimes even snow.

Sand, Road Debris and More Perils of Santa Clarita Roads

With a city population approaching 200,000, and surpassing that number if you include nearby unincorporated communities like Stevenson Ranch, Santa Clarita Valley has a lot of residents and commends thousands of vehicles to get everyone around. With that much driving, vehicles here need protection from damages caused by the sun, small rocks and pebbles on major roadways, sand and stains. One area of Santa Clarita is called Sand Canyon, put it that way. Winds can howl through this area carrying road debris, and your vehicle’s paint job is always in peril.

Modern Color Change Vinyl Wrap Films for Santa Clarita Motorists

Enter paint protection film or color change vinyl wrap for Santa Clarita vehicle owners. These modern auto wrap films engaging the latest in technology protect vehicle paint jobs from minor blemishes that alone are not a big deal but with an accumulation of it can really disturb a vehicle’s exterior appearance. These PPFs, as they are often called, make it easy to change a vehicle’s appearance quickly and typically more affordably than a full re-paint job, and can be removed quickly and without hurting the underneath paint. It’s the modern way of changing a car color in real life as you would on with a computer photo-editing application.

Avery Dennison Vehicle Wrapping Films by Category

Avery Dennison vehicle wrapping films are among the best you can get for vehicles, and the offers many options, from these broad categories of Avery Dennison wrap films:

  • SWF900 Supreme Wrapping-Film. Avery Dennison’s all-things-for everyone wrap film series, these films are designed for performance as well as style.
  • Chrome Accent Film. These Avery Dennison films designed to add sporty touches and special effects are called “Conform Chrome & Transparent Colored Overlaminates.” This line of premium films are for special types of wraps, or even graphics, on a vehicle.
  • MPI 1105 Series. Called the “Next Generation of Digital ‘Supercast’ Wrapping Films,” the MPI 1105 Opaque Series Film includes vehicle wrap films made using digital technology to ensure the best fit and adhesion possible on all vehicle body types.