Beyond the pure quality of their color change vinyl wraps, Avery Dennison ranks among the very best auto wrap film producers for a variety of reasons – including careful attention to shops and installers. Where many car wrap film marketers might begin with the end of the channel – that is, us, car owners who order the films installed – Avery Dennison backs its quality wrap films with training intended to benefit all parties involved. The company, the shops and installers who depend on Avery Dennison films for their margins, and the car-buying and –improving public reap the rewards.

Company Acknowledges Importance of Trained Installers and Shop Owners

That’s how Avery Dennison chose to start its marketing for 2017: by announcing additions to its annual Wrap Classes designed to train shops and film installation technicians how best to cut and adhere color change vinyl wraps to cars in Los Angeles and the surrounding metropolitan region. Many companies use the start of a new year to drop a bombshell news item, to kick off the business year strongly and maybe kick some sand in the eyes of competitors. But the very first Avery Dennison news release for the year was titled, “Avery Dennison Announces 2017 Wrap Class Schedule and New Format for 2017.” In news parlance, not the sexiest headline.

Focus on Quality, Short Installation Times and Increased Overall Reward

But if you think carefully about it, it makes perfect business sense. “Taking a hands-on workshop is one of the best ways to raise quality, lower install times and increase profitability for installers and shop owners,” said Justin Pate of the Wrap Institute, in the Avery Dennison news release. Pate was included as one of the new, renowned installers to host two-day digital films classes and Supreme Wrapping Film classes, along with John Duever of Vinyl Images. Pate summarized the approach well: this company has

Attention from ‘the Beginning of a Job to its Completion’

Basically the news item announced the addition of a few new courses in the release of the schedule for the year. Along with the two-day digital films classes noted above, Avery Dennison added new three-day “Business Boot Camps” in 24 cities in North America. “Boot Camp participants will learn how to streamline their processes from the beginning of a job to its completion,” said Jeff Losch, marketing director, Avery Dennison Graphics Solutions, a segment of the corporation that provides imaging materials and service solutions for fleet, architecture and transportation markets. This includes car wrap and vinyl film products.

Our Experience: Avery Dennison Vinyl Wraps Top of the Line

The last Avery Dennison Graphics Solutions news release for 2016? That 76 vehicle wrap installers and graphics professionals passed the wrap certification test administered by Pate, an expert installer and Avery Dennison wrap training instructor. The release included the names of every single successful applicant. Here in Los Angeles, our experience is Avery Dennison color change vinyl wraps are top-of-the-line, and we only offer the highest-quality films for our customers.

(From the January 2017 news release: “New for 2017 are Avery Dennison Business Boot Camps. These three-day classes will take participants through a simulated wrap shop job, with lessons on how to make the best business decisions and overcome everyday challenges from wrap design and pricing to production and installation.

“Digital Films Classes, sponsored by Mutoh, teach skills for a wide variety of applications, including walls, floors, windows and full print vehicle wraps. Installers use multiple films during the workshop, ranging from calendered wall and floor film to cast Avery Dennison MPI 1105 Easy Apply RS film for vehicle wraps.”).