Instead of replacing windows to improve insulation and solar protection, a high-end window tint like the Vista line can dramatically improve climate conditions in your home at a fraction at the price – around 1/10th to be exact! The installation is quick and non-invasive, meaning your window performance will be dramatically enhanced immediately after the application is applied.

A high end tint can reduce solar energy permeation by up to 75%, greatly reducing the amount of heat that is trapped in your home. This promotes a more comfortable internal climate, insulating your home to keep heat out in the hot months and trap heat in during the cooler months. Improving the consistency of your internal climate means reducing the amount of energy required to maintain a comfortable temperature. With a high grade tint like Vista residential tints, you can cut back on energy costs and over time receive a certain return on your tinting investment to validate and reinforce your product purchase.

A Vista commercial film can filter up to 99.9% of UVA and UVB rays. By barring out these harmful solar rays, you are preventing yourself and your family from being subject to the damaging, cancer-causing rays presented by unfiltered sunlight. This filtration will also help to protect interior furnishings, electronics, and merchandise, thus protecting your investments and belongings.

Because a tint application provides another layer of strength and durability, a Vista security window film can minimize the damage caused by broken glass. In the event that a pane is broken, the tint will keep the broken glass in place instead of shattering into dangerous shards. This layer of reinforcement also strengthens your windows against inclement weather, theft attempts, and vandalism.

There are so many ways in which a tint can benefit your comfort and safety at home, and a Vista residential tint stands up as one of the top options to ensure quality of performance and standard of ongoing satisfaction. For more details about how a residential tint can transform your comfort and save you money, contact the experts at Window Tintz.