Best Ceramic Tint for Tesla Model Y in Longwood FL

Best Ceramic Tint For Tesla Model Y

We recently installed ceramic heat blocking tint for this gorgeous Tesla Model Y. The results are flawless and the owner is loving it!!

Here in the sunshine state tint is an obvious choice and there are many benefits to having window tint installed.

Battery Life
The Tesla Model Y is an advanced, highly capable and eco-friendly driving machine! An advanced car such as the Model Y deserves an advanced window tint. Xpel XR Plus is a multi layered ceramic tint that can save your battery life by reducing the need for the use of the AC system. It does this by blocking a large portion of the suns hot infrared light so the cabin of the car cools down faster.

Protect Your Self & Your Interior
Along with the heat from the Florida sun comes an abundance of UV light. Harmful UV rays can lead to a faded or cracked upholstery and hardware. UV rays are also harmful to you and your passenger skin. With the windows tinted, UV light becomes a non-factor

Your Choice to Fit Your Style
The owner of this Tesla Model Y wanted a dark contrasting shade to offer the most privacy and provide a sleek look. With Xpel you will have five different shade options ranging from 70% to 5%

Tint That Works With You
With all the technology in the Model Y, it’s important to know that Xpel XR Plus is a nano ceramic window tint that uses metal free material that has no effect on your phone, satellite, radio, GPS or Bluetooth signal clarity or strength.
This window tent will also not impact your clarity or view of those beautiful Florida sunsets. The only effect on your vision will be a reduction of glare of harsh sunlight or incoming headlights at night. Your driving experience will be more safe and comfortable overall.

Can You Tint the Sunroof on a Model Y?
It’s the all glass roof that makes the Model Y such a stand out vehicle. That all glass roof is also the same reason many window tinting shops simply cannot handle properly installing Model Y sunroof tint. Proper wiindow tinting uses a single sheet of film for any glass, no matter how large. At Window Tint Z we have the tools and materials to apply single sheets of tint, even to huge pieces of glass like the Model Y sunroof. This will avoid unsightly seams.

We have years of experience and we take all precautions during installation. We specialize in Tesla tinting and would love to show you why!

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