You may find yourself struggling to stay cool and hide from this Florida heat, even after purchasing a brand new ride. We recently had the pleasure of applying the best ceramic window tint to this brand new Mercedes-Benz GLS450.

This film not only gave this vehicle a sleek new look but also is providing so many benefits by applying window tint to those once bare windows. Here is a list of all benefits of the film, 

Benefits of Ceramic Window Tint 

  • Up to 98% Infrared Reduction 
  • 99.9% UVA/UVB Ray Protection
  • Glare Reduction/Increased Clarity
  • No Interference with other devices
  • Privacy 
  • NO Metallic Ingredients  

So if you find yourself wondering if tinting your windows is for you, the answer is YES!

The benefits from applying this multilayer Nano-Ceramic tint are well worth it and this window tint will have the interior of your vehicle cooled off and protected from this Florida heat and harmful and damaging UV rays. You also get to pick the shade and this film comes with a lifetime warranty! 

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