Recently completed 2022 Tesla Model S

We recently had the pleasure of installing the best nano-ceramic tint on the market to this brand new 2022 Tesla Model S.

The owner of this brand new beauty was mostly concerned because this Tesla has such large open, bare windows. They worried about the harmful Florida sun’s UVA/UVB ray’s protruding in and damaging their skin, eyesight or even the interior of their new vehicle. With the best ceramic tint it offers SPF 1000 that has been proven to block out 99.9% of harmful UVA/UVB rays all while not affecting the clarity of your windows.

This ceramic tint is also the best for heat reduction as it offers a 98% infrared rejection percentage. This nano-ceramic tint will help to keep the inside of your vehicle cool during these upcoming summer months. This tint will also help your AC in your vehicle to not have to work as hard as normal. These benefits are all a part of this amazing tint that you could have on your vehicle today!

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