Here we have pictures of a home we completed. We applied Hüper Optik Fusion 20 and Hüper Optik Select Sech because the home owner had beautifully high windows and was looking for heat reduction and UV protection. At the same time they wanted to keep the natural views from the inside looking out.
Hüper Optik Fusion 20 blocks 99.0% of harmful UV Rays that cause fading/discoloring of floors and furniture. Fusion 20 also rejects 69% of solar energy and glare by 78% still allowing 20% of light to enter the window.

Hüper Optik Select Sech reduces 83% of infrared heat, blocks 99.9% UV Rays. Allowing 59% light in and reducing glare by 34%.

Window Film
Front view of home after film was applied
Window Film
Natural view from the inside looking out

Best Window Film Applied In Los Angeles Home

Window Film
Side View of the house from outside after the film was applied