The question we here at Window Tint Z hear so often these days, “What is the best window tint for a Tesla Model 3?” is a good example of begging the question. The better question to ask is actually “Is there a best window tint for Tesla Model 3 cars?” And to that we answer yes, there is: it’s the Tesla window film that best matches your personal needs and preferences, we mean that in terms of performance and aesthetics.

Before we discuss the many options of window tint for Teslas that we carry, let us make it crystal clear why getting window film for a Tesla Model 3, S, X, or for the mysterious forthcoming Tesla Model Y crossover SUV is so important. When sunshine beats down on your Tesla, it shines through the windshield and windows (particularly that huge plate of glass on the Model 3) and enters the interior of the car. Sunlight can cause fading and cracking and discoloration to your Tesla’s upholstery, dashboard, and other interior surfaces, negatively impacting both the appearance of the car’s interior as well as the re-sale value of your automotive asset. Window tint for a Tesla Model 3 can block out a vast majority of the damaging ultraviolet light chiefly responsible for this interior damage. In fact, the bulk of the automative window film we stock blocks an impressive 99% of this unwanted UV light.

Second, sunlight’s infrared spectrum causes interior warming that makes it less pleasant to be inside your Tesla on a warm day. Blocking out IR light keeps the car cooler and more comfortable. And this leads right to the third reason you need window tint for a Tesla Model 3: the warmer the car gets, the more you will need to rely on the air conditioning system to cool it back down, and the more you run the AC, the faster you drain the batteries, sapping your vehicle of performance power and range. Window film reduces the need for power-draining climate control system usage, so you can drive farther between charges while still remaining comfortable.

With that in mind, we think it’s safe to say that upgrading the window tint for a Tesla Model 3 beyond the Tesla factory tint is more than a good idea; in fact, it’s a borderline mistake not to add window tint for Teslas! But back to the question of choosing the best Model 3 window tint. We invite you to bring your car into Window Tint Z’s shop for an in-person demonstration of all the various fine automative window films we stock. We will be glad to show you a heat rejection demonstration wherein you can actually feel how much warmth each type of window tint rejects and we can show you what the various window tinting options look like in various lights, making sure you see many options from multiple brands of window tint for cars. You can then balance your aesthetic preferences against performance standards and ultimately choose the very best tint for the Tesla Model 3 that sits in your driveway or garage. Because while all the window films we stock are of excellent quality, it’s ultimately a personal decision which is the best one for your vehicle.

It’s worth reading up on a few of the fine window tint for Tesla Model 3 options we have on hand at all times before you come to the shop, though, as the more you know about the window film options at your disposal, the more efficiently and confidently you will be able to choose a window tint for your Tesla.

3M Crystalline Tint

Many of our customers choose 3M Crystalline tint for Tesla cars because they want the benefits of window tint in terms of performance but do not want the appearance of their car changed in any appreciable way. (Which we fully understand! They are gorgeous cars.) 3M Crystalline window film is, as the name suggests, remarkably clear. In fact, it is almost imperceptible to the human eye, not darkening the panes of glass to which it is applied in any appreciable way. It lets in plenty of the sun’s visible light, keeping the cabin of your Tesla bright and inviting, while rejecting a massive portion of the sun’s hot IR light and damaging UV light. This is a great window tint for Tesla Model 3 owners who want a cooler, better protected cabin without the look of window tint.

Tesla Model 3 Tinting
TESLA Model 3 – 3M Crystalline Window Tint
TESLA Model 3 - 3M Crystalline Window Tint
TESLA Model 3 – 3M Crystalline Window Tint

Huper Optik Ceramic

Huper Optik ceramic window tints were originally designed to protect air and space craft against damage from the sun’s rays, and these high performance films can do wonders for your Tesla as well. Each sheet of this ultra thin, high performance window tint is infused with millions of nano-ceramic particles that form a barrier against 99% of the sun’s UV light and a majority of the spectrum’s warming IR rays. Ceramic window tint adds a bit of shading to the windows (you can select various levels of tinting) while remaining fully inert against signals from your phone, GPS, or other devices, which will never be affected by nano-ceramic window tint.

Tesla Model 3 Huper Optik Ceramic Tint

Tesla Model 3 Window Tint
back window tint is done as 1 piece – absolutely no seam

Huper Optik Select

The Huper Optik Select window tint series features spectrally selective window films, which is to say that these tints let in certain types of sunlight while rejecting others. Huper Optik Select tint for Teslas means plenty of bright, natural light enters the cabin albeit with the glare reduced, while damaging UV light and IR light are bounced away. This window tint rejects up to 70% of the sun’s total energy and adds a bit of shading and privacy to the windows but without a reflective look for which some drivers don’t care.

Formula One Pinnacle

Many people choose Formula One Pinnacle window tint for Tesla Model 3 vehicles because this handsome window film adds an air of elegance and style to your already stylish all-electric vehicle. Formula One Pinnacle film is made using color-stable dyes so it will look as good in five or even ten years as it does the day it is applied, so you can count on a refined look and superlative heat and UV rejection for many years to come when you apply Formula One Pinnacle window tint to a Tesla Model 3’s windows and windshield.

Formula One Stratos

Formula One Stratos window tint is one of the latest window films on the market, so its no surprise that it’s a popular choice with one of the most advanced vehicles on the road. The Formula One Stratos tint is so effective because it uses multiple microscopically thin layers of film layered one over the next which are impregnated with billions of nanoscopic particles that absorb and redirect solar rays. The result is superior interior heat rejection with zero signal interference and negligibly reduced visual clarity out through the windows from within your Tesla Model 3. This window film adds a stylish tint to the car while adding privacy as well, and of course it blocks almost 100% of the UV light that causes fading and cracking within the car’s interior.

Tesla Model 3 Windshield Tint
Tesla Model 3 Windshield Tint
Chrome Delete Tesla Model 3
Chrome Delete Tesla Model 3
Chrome Delete & Formula One Stratos Ceramic Tint
Chrome Delete & Formula One Stratos Ceramic Tint
Formula One Stratos Window Tint
Tesla Model 3 Formula One Stratos Window Tint

Paint Protection for Tesla Model 3

Window tint for a Tesla Model 3 can protect the interior of the vehicle against solar damage, but when it comes to the exterior of your Tesla, you need a different product to protect the paint job. Clear bra paint protection for Tesla Model 3 cars costs so much less than a new paint job would, and Tesla clear bra paint wrap protects against almost all the coming causes of aesthetic damage that would merit a new paint job over time. When you apply clear bra on a Tesla Model 3, you protect the wrapped surfaces against scratches, flakes, peeling, abrasion, and minor dents and dings. Clear bra paint protection wrap is almost impossible to detect with the naked eye and won’t change the way your Tesla looks at all. This is true whether you go with partial front paint protection clear bra for your Tesla Model 3, only covering the must vulnerable front and lower hood of the car, or if you get full front paint protection wrap (front bumper, hood, forward panels, and side view mirrors) or full car paint protection wrap.

And should this sacrificial clear bra paint wrap become damaged, you can remove it from your car, revealing the pristine and protected paint job beneath the wrap. With window tint on the glass and clear bra paint protection wrap, Tesla Model 3s or any other cars serviced by Window Tint Z will be protected against all sorts of cosmetic damage, both the acute such as might be caused by flying road debris and the chronic, such as caused by years of sun damage. Bring your Tesla or other ride into our shop today for a pricing estimate and to start making your custom window tint and paint wrap plan.