Here is the case where an awesome car was given a gnarly exterior appearance thanks to vinyl film. This BMW GT not only had its windows improved, with our high-quality films, but also its entire body!

For the BMW’s windows we applied the LLumar Nano Ceramic window tint film at a 30-percent shade. Not the deepest or darkest but very effective, blocking more than 99.9 percent of the sun’s harmful UV rays. Plus the LLumar Ceramic film is the highest-performance of films, with superior heat rejection, and an ability to not interfere with frequencies used for satellite radio and mobile phones, among other techno devices. The LLumar Nano Ceramic is an exceptional window tint film that we would recommend to any motorist in the Los Angeles area.

This project then displays two film applications that did not involve windows:

  • Lamin-x Tail Light Smoke Film on the tailllights; and
  • 3M Matte Metallic Blue Wrap around the entire body paint job.

Tail light film is fairly common and using the deep Lamin-x “Smoke” color added a depth to the taillights, adding something to what was dead space before.

Car film wraps are becoming more popular and it was nice to see this owner have the boldness to choose not only a color, a really neat one. So now this car his this hardly match-able deep metallic blue color, and protected from dings and scratches by the vinyl coating all around it. That’s a big reason more and more motorists are going for a vinyl film wrap around their car: it protects the body and paint job. It also can look pretty darn cool, as evidenced by this video …

Before Window Tint

You can see right through this luxury car, including details near the steering wheel and the backs of the front seats. Not good!

Bmw Window Tint Los Angeles
BMW Window Tint Los Angeles

After Window Tint

That’s more like it — much more privacy with the deep shade of the LLumar window tint applied. The darker shade actually helps complement the new metallic bluc shade on the body, as well as the black of the wheels.

Bmw Vinyl Wrap Los Angeles
BMW Vinyl Wrap Los Angeles
Bmw GT Wrap Los Angeles
BMW GT Wrap Los Angeles
Bmw GT Window Tint LA
BMW GT Window Tint LA