On average, there are 240 sunny days per year in Clearwater, Florida, with a July average high around 91 degrees. Even with the sea breeze and your best sunglasses, it’s difficult to keep your boat or yacht at a comfortable temperature, and to prevent eye fatigue when operating your marine machine.

If you’re a Clearwater boat owner wondering how tint technology can drastically enhance the enjoyment of your ship, as well as protect your investment, familiarize yourself with the benefits:

Aesthetics & Privacy: With a massive array of tinting options on the market, you are sure to find an aesthetic to compliment and beautify the facade of your boat in a way that suits your individual tastes. Opting for a darker, more intense, or more reflective tint also has the benefit of decreasing visibility from the exterior, giving you added privacy.

Glade Reduction: A tinting application can have a massive impact on visibility – especially pertinent to the captain of the shit. Barring out rays that cause you to squint means decreasing eye fatigue, increasing optics, and making for a safer journey.

Boat Window Tinting Clearwater Florida
Boat Window Tinting in Clearwater Florida with Huper Optik Ceramic Marine Solar Film

Climate Control: With that hot Clearwater sun beating overhead, it’s often necessary to duck into the cabin to find some solace and cool off. Without tinted windows, solar energy can build up and make it impossible to keep the internal climate comfortable, resulting in temperature fluctuations and excessive fuel/energy use for air conditioning. With a tint, you can block up up to 70% solar energy and prevent excessive heat from brewing, keeping the cabin cool and comfortable.

Safety: Because the tint provides another layer of strength, it reinforces the windows and makes the almost shatterproof against inclement weather or theft attempts. If the glass is broken, it will stay within the frame instead of breaking into sharp, dangerous shards.

If you’re considering a tinting task for your boat in Clearwater, contact us today to understand the world of options available, so we can apply our expertise and recommendations to serve your individual needs.