The Window Tint Z team recently traveled a few miles down the road to lovely Marina del Ray to complete a boat window tinting project for one of our valued customers. We’re proud of how this boat window tinting in Marina del Ray California job turned out, but what makes us truly happy is knowing that this boat owner will now enjoy years of better solar protection and more cabin comfort. That’s because marine window tint blocks out a majority of the sun’s harmful, damaging UV rays and most of its warming infrared light, while still allowing in plenty of pleasant visible light.

Marine Window Film Tinting
Heat reducing marine window film applied to this boat windshield

Boat Window Tinting Benefits

Our Marina del Ray boat window tinting customer was primarily interested in cabin heat reduction, and lowering interior temperatures is one of the best benefits of marine window film. But this customizable window coating also blocks UV light, thereby preventing interior fading and protecting your skin from sun damage. It can also enhance the privacy of those within the cabins by making it harder to see into the boat but without reducing the clarity of the view out. Finally, boat window film physically reinforces the glass, protecting it against breaking.

Yacht Window Tinting

Boat Window Tint Customization

Marine window tinting can be completed on boat windows of all sizes, types, and shapes. From large windows set into the front of the cabin to curved boat window tinting to window film for skylights or portholes, we offer complete marine window tinting for Los Angeles boat owners everywhere. Yachts, cabin cruisers, sailboats, and other vessels are all great candidates for marine window tint.

Marine Window Film Tinting
Marine Window Film by Huper Optik applied to this Yacht

Marine Window Tint Costs

Boat window film costs vary depending on the size of your vessel, the number and type of windows to be treated, and the marine window film products you choose. We will gladly make you a free estimate, so you will know exactly what to expect in terms of marine window film price and timing. And also keep in mind that when window film for boats reduces cabin temperatures, that means less fuel burned up for cooling purposes. You will also enjoy upholstery, flooring, hardware, and other interior features that age well thanks to the protection offered against sun damage, so think of marine window tint costs as an investment more than as an expense.

Yacht Window Tinting
Boat Window Tinting in Marina del Rey