Tinting your boat or yacht is a feat that achieves much more than just a heightened aesthetic, it also has protective properties, enhances comfortability, and can protect your investment. Your marine investment required much more than pocket change and deserves to be customized to both further enhance your enjoyment and protect your investment.

Boat window tinting in Miami has immense benefits, so if you’re considering a boat tint application, the first step is to familiarize yourself with some of the choice benefits of a top tint:

Block harmful rays: If you’re spending a lot of daylight hours on your boat, you may be exposed to harmful, unfiltered sunlight. A window tint will filter out up to 99.9% of UV-rays and up to 98% infrared rays, thus dramatically reducing exposure to cancer-causing rays. Those same rays can cause rapid fading of your boat’s interior furnishings, and the tint can stall and protect your furniture from this premature decay, further protecting your marine investment.

Increased comfortability & climate control: With long days under the hot Miami sun, you and your guests will want to duck away and cool off in the cabin. With a window tint, you can bar out solar energy and reduce the heat of your cabin by up to 70%, thus increasing air conditioning efficiency and adhering to more consistent climate control.

Privacy & protection: Tints are also highly durable and reinforce windows, thus making them stronger to the elements and less vulnerable to theft attempts or harsh weather. Window tints come in a variety of hues and levels of darkness and reflectivity, some of which can drastically reduce visibility from those outside the boat, giving those inside additional privacy.

Reduce glare: With a window tint, you can shield out those pesky rays that make you squint, thus improving visibility and decreasing eye fatigue so you can maintain control and stay alert. It will also increase optic comfortability for guests on-board, sunglasses or not!

If you’re in Miami and you’re navigating tinting technology to find the best option for you, contact the WindowTintz team for a professional consultation!