The Window Tint Z team recently installed Huper Optik Ceramic tint on this yacht to reduce heat. There was existing window film on the yacht that we removed before applying Huper Optik’s 100% Dye and Metal Free Ceramic window tint. This is quite common with marine window tint installation, as many boat manufacturers apply cheaper, minimally effective boat window tint prior to selling the vessels. Boat window film does not need to darken the windows to be effective at reducing cabin heat and UV exposure. Low quality boat window tinting reduces the view clarity and interior light quality in the cabin; our range of top quality boat window films block infrared light that causes too much cabin heat and block UV light that causes fading and skin damage, but they don’t block out the pleasant visible light that brightens your cabins.

Marine Window Film Tinting

Boat Window Tint Film

If you are considering boat window tint film installation, you are making a good choice. If you choose Window Tint Z to complete the process, you’re making a great choice. We use only top quality marine window tint and we stand by our products and our work 100%
Yacht Window Tinting

Tinting Curved Boat Windows

Boat windows are often curved, but this is not at all a problem when tinting the windows. Curved windows simply require heat shaping the window film to the shape of the glass for a perfect installation. This is a process we complete regularly, and we guarantee that your boat’s windows will be left looking seamless and sleek once our boat window film installation is completed.

Marine Window Film Tinting
Tinted Curved Boat Windows

How much does it cost to tint boat windows?

Boat window tinting pricing will depend on the size of windows, the quantity of the windows, and the type of film applied. But we guarantee that boat window film is a great investment. This is true simply thanks to the comfort of those aboard the boat, as marine window tint cools hot cabin temperatures and reduces the harsh glare of the sunlight, but also because boat window film can save you money in the long run. By reducing the need for climate control through conditioning, you will save fuel and save money by using marine window tint. It also reinforces the glass windows of your boat, protecting them again accidental damage or even against an attempted break-in.

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