In Orlando Car Tint Keeps Cars Looking Great for Years

We have recently started getting a number of 2020 model year vehicles rolling into our car tint shop, and that’s one of our favorite things to see. When we apply window tint to a brand new car, we know the interior of that car is going to keep looking great for years to come, and that despite the harsh, bright sun in Orlando, FL. Window tint for cars blocks the UV light that causes interior fading and discoloration, keeping the upholstery, dash, and other surfaces looking newer for longer. That means a car the owner will enjoy more and that retains more resale value as well.

Window Tint Blocks the Hot Florida Sun

Tinting cars in Orlando keeps them much cooler even on a hot, sunny day. That means a vehicle that’s more comfortable when you first get in it and one that doesn’t require as much use of the AC, so it stays comfortable underway and consumes less gas and electricity, too. By blocking much of the sun’s infrared light, car window film in Orlando keeps you cooler, but it doesn’t limit your view out of the vehicle.

Window Tint for a 2020 Honda Civic

We recently applied window tint to a brand new 2020 Honda Civic and we’re thrilled to know this new car will stay looking new for years. The owner chose a dark tint that will block damaging UV light, reject hot IR light, and that adds privacy and style to the car as well. If you are considering window tint for cars in Orlando, FL, feel free to come by our shop for a free estimate and consultation. We will talk you through the benefits of window tinting cars and can show you the myriad options for doing so.