Repairing artificial grass may or may not be possible depending on the degree of damage, the type of damage, or the factors that cause the damage. First of all, it is important to know what artificial grass is so that you’ll know what to do and which factors to be avoided. Second, you should know the difference between artificial turf and natural grass because each of them requires different forms of maintenance.

By knowing anything that is important to know about turf, you will be able to come up with real turf solutions that can prevent or repair the damage.

What Is Artificial Grass Made Of?

Turf consists of artificial grass that is used to imitate natural grass. It is commonly used in sports field which is a large area. Turf is practical to use in places like sports fields because they require only a little maintenance since artificial grass never grows and does not attract insects and weeds as commonly as natural grass does.

What is turf made of? It is a mixture of materials like chemicals that make the turf resistant to UV rays and abrasion and blends of polyethylene and polypropylene. The silica and rubber granules are used to keep the artificial grass upright.

Difference Between Turf and Grass

There are obvious pros and cons in turf vs grass which you must know for repairing artificial grass. The turf is easier to clean and maintain than the grass. Grass needs to be mowed, fertilized, and watered, while turf only needs a splash from water hose to be cleaned.

However, the texture and appearance of real grass are difficult to imitate, and it can withstand higher temperature.

How Does Wrong Installation Damage the Artificial Turf?

Wrong turf grass installation is common and causes a lot of problems to the homeowners. Some of these are unflattened base, wrong measurements, improper base material, too flat base, inattention to the grain, and more.

Wrong installation can lead to growth of weeds, wrinkled lawn, and a drainage problem. Knowing how to install grass properly eliminates future problems.

Knowing the difference between the turf and the grass lets you know how to best maintain the former. It gives you the idea that the most irreversible damage on the turf is caused by the extreme heat of the sun. Repairing artificial grass is possible, but it depends on the degree of damage. Prevention is better kept in mind.