Not long ago a Washington, D.C. nonprofit organization focused on transportation issues ranked the Greater Los Angeles area has having the worst road and highway pavement in the nation. Officially it is the Los Angeles-Long Beach-Santa Ana “urban area,” but nonetheless Los Angeles-area motorists should be alarmed for many reasons. Aside from driving safety, poor road conditions result in damages to cars that cost a lot of money for car owners. It’s a tremendous argument to investigate paint protection film for autos in Los Angeles and nearby regions like Orange County, Ventura County and the San Gabriel Valley.

When Nearly Two-Thirds of Roads Suck, Time to Take Action to Protect Your Car

Officially the TRIP organization report looked at the top 20 “urban regions” of 500,000 or more residents, and ranked them on their major roads and highways regarding pavements in poor condition. The region with Los Angeles, Long Beach and Santa Ana anchoring it topped the list with 64 percent of its roadway pavements in poor condition. Of note is that the top four worst roadways were in California, including San Diego with 55 percent of its pavements in poor condition. Poorly conditioned concrete or asphalt is hazardous to paint jobs and bodies of vehicles – and this is a region where a good chunk or car owners care greatly about how their ride looks.

Quality Paint Protection Film so You Don’t Have to be a NASCAR Driver

Today there are modern car wrap films that engage advanced technology to not only prevent dings, scratches and stains from poor L.A. roads, they also reject so much sunlight you never have to worry about car paint job fading. If you invest in a great paint job on a car in Los Angeles, not protecting it with a quality paint protection film is almost irresponsible. Paint protection films, or as they’re often called car wrap films, in Los Angeles are becoming almost as required as insurance and sunglasses. Driving L.A. freeways or major roadways means having the dexterity of a NASCAR driver – brake and swerve at any time to avoid a trip to the auto shop for repairs.

Highest-of-Quality Car Wrap Films

Modern high-quality car wrap films like those provided by Avery Dennison, 3M or LLumar are among the best investments Los Angeles motorists can make to protect their valuable vehicles from the dangers of regional highways and roads. The LLumar 10-Year Warranty Platinum paint protection film is an example where these companies back their products because they know they perform and make autos look so much better on the exterior. If they could only figure out how to make protective films for car interiors, well … we’re dreaming now. But the car wrap film lines noted above are phenomenal choices to protect your beloved vehicle.

Protect Your Car’s Paint and Exterior with Paint Protection Film

The TRIP report is revealing about how treacherous major American motoring arteries are to our cars. It states more than a quarter of the nation’s major urban roads are substandard or are in poor condition, resulting in “rough rides.” That’s not the only thing, they also provide bills for repairs. Paint protection film for cars in Los Angeles and its surrounding major regional population centers is an investment for the long run. First off, ensure your car always looks as best it can, as some of these films are scratch-resistant and “self healing” meaning even little parking lot mishaps don’t deter from the overall appearance or impression.