What can $100 buy you these days? A fine meal at a fine restaurant, to name one thing. Tickets to a concert or sporting event, depending on the venue. A good pair of jeans or a dress. Did you know $100 could totally change and improve both the looks and performance of your vehicle? In many cases, we can apply window tint to your car, truck, or SUV’s windows for less than $100 but provide you with tinting that will have your vehicle looking better than ever and can give you benefits such as added privacy, reduced interior heat, protection from UV fading and skin damage, and that can even make you safer by reducing the blinding glare of the sun and be reinforcing the windows against shattering. Not a bad use of a bit of cash, right?

Dark privacy tint for a 2019 Ford Ranger.

Window Tint Is the Fastest Upgrade Your Truck Can Get

We added window tint to the side windows of this 2019 Ford Ranger in our Orlando car tint shop and the process was a same day in-and-out project that cost the truck owner less than $100. But just take a look at those dark, stylish windows: they look great, and you can’t look through them thanks to the added privacy. But from within, the view is still plenty clear.