A good looking car in Longwood, Florida can attract a lot of eyes, provided that its driver follows the “car signs” to keep the car in a good shape. That’s one way to get someone’s attention around town. But do you know what can be another way to do so? Promote your business and enter the car advertising game!

So now, let’s learn some essential facts about a car wrap in Longwood, FL.

What Can it Do for Your Business?

Getting a car wrap is easy and rewarding. There should be a plenty of services that can give you a car wrap in Longwood, FL. If you have a good looking car, a lot of eyes will look at it.

Furthermore, if you have advertised your business through your car, it will get people to see it while you show off your car on the streets. Think of your car turning into a mobile billboard, all thanks to a little bit of car ingenuity. Your car would reach a lot of audience on and off the streets, making your business reach potential customers and clients.

Design Your Own Car Graphics

Aside from learning how to take care of your car a bit better, you can also get hands-on in practicing product branding and marketing. Choosing the right design and visuals that will be on your car is no easy task.

Sure, the shop can help you out during the designing stage. Better yet, if you learn how to pick out the designs yourself, there can be an immense satisfaction from that alone.

How Do These Custom Vehicle Wraps Work?

To put it in layman’s terms, the material used in vehicle graphics you see on cars have some very strong vinyl part and some adhesive part. At the back of the vinyl is the adhesive that can keep the car’s paint coated without tampering it.

The vinyl is also durable, thanks to the addition of a polyvinyl chloride or PVC. This turns the vinyl to a flexible and stretchy enough material that would protect your car’s paint while improving its aesthetics.

Shops know how lucrative the car advertising activity is. So, they always use high-quality vinyl for vehicle wrap, so it is resistant to fading and cracking.

You can opt for a partial or a full wrap. Once you made up your mind, the vehicle would undergo three stages when it comes to the vehicle wrap process:

  • Designing stage
  • Production Stage
  • Installation Stage

The shop and car owner think of the designs, car wrap colors, and graphics during the designing stage. At the same time, you need to get accurate measurements of the vehicle to lay down the graphics later on.

Next in line is the production stage. This is where the shop prints and laminates the car graphics and prepares the vinyl. This is to prevent the material from being susceptible to UV rays and scratches.

The installation phase is where the graphic is then applied to the vehicle. The final wrap-up can take only one day before the vehicle is nice and ready.

It is also mandatory for shops to wash the vehicle before applying the custom vehicle wraps. Any foreign agents such as dust, oil, wax, mud, insect, and plant matter can prevent the adhesive to stick onto your vehicle. After it’s cleaned thoroughly, it’s ready to undergo the wrapping process.

In some instances, there is a fourth phase added. This phase involves removing any unwanted graphics off of the car upon one’s request.

You don’t need to worry too much about the cost. Getting the graphics is pretty affordable in most cases.

Car Wraps are Great Advertising on Cars

A car is always on the go and so does your brand, especially when it has vinyl car decals. Advertising on cars has been a popular way of branding since the 1980’s.

It was when the NASCAR had advertisers pay them to put their logos as bumper stickers and car decals onto race cars. A car is hard to miss whether you are taking it on a stroll on your favorite lane or going on a cross-country road trip.

One can even have leased or rented cars to advertise their business. As long as there is proper permission, those cars can get a car wrap. Also, if you take proper care of your vehicle wrap car, people will see your message plastered on your car for years to come.

What to Remember When Maintaining Car Wrap Material

When it comes to car wraps, there are some important details that you need to take note.

The lifespan of a car wrap in Longwood, FL can last for around five to seven years. Detergents and soaps do not alter the vinyl and it won’t affect the paintjob that is underneath the car wrap. This would ensure the car wrap’s lifespan.

Over time, peeling and bubbles can appear on the vinyl, especially on the truck decals. That is normal. However, if this occurs shortly after getting the vehicle back, something went wrong.

If anything like this occurs, don’t worry since the vinyl can be fixed. The same can be said if any tears or other damages happen. Simply bring your car to the shop and if everything goes well, the car wrap material should be ready and fixed a day later.

Remember to clean the car wrap areas on a regular basis. Stains can leave permanent marks if not cleaned right away. Clean off stains including bird droppings, tree sap, insects, and oil, among others.

Furthermore, the climate in Longwood can get your car exposed to excessive sunlight and UV radiation. This can degrade the colors on the wrap. In addition, although detergents would not harm your car wrap, you should avoid using oil-based cleaners, solvents, engine degreaser, and cleaners used in the household.

Do you think a car wrap would be best for you, your car, and your business? If so, contact the best installer of car wrap in Longwood, Florida to start driving down the road of car advertising.